Friday, February 10, 2012

What I got in the mail

Yesterday was a bit hectic for me, and with lots of work goings on, I hardly have time to post anymore. But I will keep trying.

While I doing my stuff, I checked the mail box yesterday. I was happy to see the weekly flyers in it even if I'm still waiting for some coupons. But there was also a huge envelope in there, addressed to me. Could it be?

Yes!! Inside was a lovely Nightmare before Christmas themed Mug Rug and coffee sleeve from the one and only Carla. I have been a very patient girl waiting for this mug rug, and my friend wanted to make it special for me, so it took some time. But I can tell you it was oh so worth it! Thanks again Carla.

In other news, I spent some time on the phone with company that takes care of the benefits from hubby's work. When my DD2 (his step) was taken to the dentist last month by her father, the dental office did what they were supposed to do, and put down the benefit information for both of the 'Dads' in her life. When the claim went to Hubby's insurance company, somehow it got all mixed up, and then returned the claim in hubby's name to ex-hubby's address. Of course it got returned. The insurance company then sent it to hubby's work, with another letter addressed to him, stating that the address they have on file is incorrect, and for hubby to prove his relationship to DD2.

What a mess! Not to mention a very unhappy hubby. (It likely ticked off ex-hubby as well, but his feelings don't really matter to me anymore.) The claim form from the dentists office had DD2's address as ex-hubby's and someone in the insurance office took it upon themselves to change the address on Hubby's contact information, without anyone asking for it to be done.

To their credit, they were apologetic, and offered a good suggestion for hubby to fix the way his benefits are applied (when it comes to her) with his plan administrator at the workplace. The problem with that is, there is no plan administrator at his workplace. Due to cutbacks, the person who used to do this was let go, and there has been no one to replace the work that she did do. What a pain in the butt this is going to be!

I sold my first handknit swiffer cloth yesterday. It excites me to think that people may actually want the things that I make. Last night, I attended a free knitting class that my friend hosts, and got some help with finishing up a couple of projects that I had been working on. All the ladies there were interested in my Sock pattern on two needles (instead of the traditional four). I think it's time I actually start putting my patterns into some page holders in a binder, seeing as I have more than a few of them. :)

Well, I'm off to work again today. I'm hoping to get some work done on my second week declutter challenge this weekend.


  1. I'm so glad you got it & like it! I hope the coffee sleeve is ok, too! :)

    The dentist fiasco doesn't sound fun! :( I hope you can get that all figured out!!

    You do beautiful work my dear!! Why would people NOT want your items?! They're beautiful!!

  2. How frustrating!! Hate that kind of mixup and ensuing work involved.
    Can you post pictures of your handiwork? I'd love to see your creations:)

  3. Carla's stuff is amazing. I can tell some gifts this year will be coming from her.

    Mix ups when it comes to money can be so frustrating. Hope you get it sort out soon.

    Congratulations on your sale as well. All of you ladies are so crafty.