Monday, February 6, 2012

Declutter Challenge Post #2

Here's how I decided to map out Carla's February Challenge.

  • Week One: Personal Space Challenge ~ Hallway Closet (it's huge) Hubby did this one.

  • Week Two: Family Space Challenge ~ The Kitchen

  • Week Three: Productivity Challenge ~ All the crafty stuff: Yarns, Plastic Canvas, Candles

  • Week Four: The “Dreaded” Challenge ~ Master Bedroom Closet

  • Seeing as my darling Hubby took care of the Week One challenge, I thought I would get a jump on next week's challenge. Except I forgot which one it was, and dove head first into The 'Dreaded' Challenge this morning.

    Before pics (please be nice):

    First half of the bedroom closet. Notice the boxes and clothing piled in front.

    The other side. Lots of space to hang clothes....

    My little helper.

    So I got down to business. I picked up all the laundry that was just laying on the floor (I spared you all a picture of this). I pulled stuff out bit by bit, and started sorting, purging and generally being disgusted with myself for letting it get this bad.

    The Results:
    •  3 and a half garbage bags of clothing to be donated
    • 5 grocery sized bags of garbage tossed out
    • 2 dressers cleaned out
    • 1 box of summer clothing set aside for me & hubby
    • half a small box of items to be donated or given away
    • yarn and plastic canvas stash gone through and sorted
    • 8 loads of laundry to be done this week

    After pictures:

    I can see the floor of the closet! Yay!!

    Utilising the space as was intended.

    Donations, donations. :)

    Boxes; 1 full of junk, 2 empty that were just taking up space, now gone.

    As an added bonus, I got the top of hubby's dresser cleaned off. My yarn and plastic canvas stash is to the left of this dresser, now in a much neater state. I will be able to find stuff when I want to, cuz now I know where it all is. :)

    The top of my dresser cleared of the stuff it had accumulated.

    The inside of my dresser is cleaned out as well, so I will have somewhere to put all my clothes once I am done the impending laundry marathon.

    Once I got the closet done, I was feeling so good about this accomplishment, that the entire bedroom got the same treatment. I purged, dusted, sorted, tossed garbage, vaccuumed, cleaned the mirror and even pulled out junk from under the bed. Part way through, hubby came in the bedroom and cleaned out his dresser as well. I now believe in miracles!

    In summary, it is now the 6th of February, and I already have completed 3 out of the 4 weekly challenges. This makes me so very happy.

    I think I'll wait until the laundry is caught up before I start in on the kitchen.



    1. Awesome transformation. I really love it when cleaning opens up more space. Things feel so much fresher and kinda new.

      3 out of 4 challenges in 6 days is crazy. You might end wanting to do even more cleaning when you are finished.

    2. WOW, talk about kicking butt and taking names, you did an amazing job!!!! I bet you feel 100 pound lighter. Good luck with the laundry, how nice it will be to have someplace to put it now

    3. Looks great! How are we only one week into this and you are almost done?????

      Wanna come help me?

    4. Wonderful!! The after photos look so good (won't say a word about the "befores")!
      P.S. you have good taste in scotch!

    5. Wow!!! Awesome donation pile! You rocked this challenge!!

    6. I would just like to say that is amazing!!! I am so jealous I have 4 closets to sort this week.

    7. Wow!! You have been doing well! I will post my pics for week 2 tomorrow :-)