Sunday, February 5, 2012

SNCC, February 5, 2012

My parents on their wedding day. This is the only picture I have of my paternal grandfather (far right). My brothers and sisters looked so cute in their finery!

What are you:

Reading? ~ The Extensions by Myrna Dey


We watched 'Rudy' on television this afternoon. I cry every time I see this movie. If you have never seen it, I would definately reccommend it.

Listening to?
The Superbowl is on the t.v., but I of course, have my back to it as I'm working on the computer. :)

Today...absolutely nothing. Earlier this week, I made cupcakes with DD2 and then attempted to make buns. What an utter fail! They didn't rise properly (pretty sure that's my fault) and I apparently didn't bake them long enough. They were still doughy inside. I tossed the entire batch. sigh

Happy you accomplished this week?
Seeing as my wonderful Hubby took care of the Hallway closet project, I tackled my 'dreaded' project today. An entire post on this with pictures later this week!

Looking forward to next week?
Cub will be going back to daycare full time next week. Mommy will be able to get things done without her little helper.

Cub with two of his friends from playgroup. He's the cutie on the right. *love*

Thankful for today?
Cub's gramma calling to ask if she could take him for a couple of hours so Hubby & I could have a peaceful dinnertime together. I love that woman!

So how goes your Sunday?

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  1. Sorry about the cupcakes!! :( That's too bad! I LOVE Rudy! i haven't seen it in years, but its definitely a classic!

    *I sent you an email... ;)