Monday, February 20, 2012

And the Award goes to.....

I'm a few days behind with this, but my wee blog was given an award! Thanks Jane!

The rules are pretty easy:
1) I must pass on the Versatile Blogger award to five other very deserving versatile bloggers.
2) You must tell 7 random things about yourself that your readers don't know about you. (I guess posting them on your blog is part of it too.)

OK, here goes. I nominate:

Amy & Judi at Living Large - Tales of a Blended Family.

(I guess I better tell these folks that I've nominated them, huh?)

As for the 7 things you may not know about me, well, I'll try;

1. I sold life insurance while I was in my 20's and I hated every minute of it.

2. When I was pregnant with my eldest, I developed a severe UTI that led to infections in my bladder and kidney that almost killed me. I was hospitalised for over a week where it was very touch and go. They weren't sure if me or the baby was going to survive. We're both still here though. :)

3. I used to be in a baton twirling troupe that travelled around the country and sometimes the US for different parades. I missed it terribly when I couldn't be a part of it anymore.

4. The year I was 12, my family was robbed. My parents had put all of our Christmas gifts in out locker in the storage area of our apartment building and someone cleaned it out. Well, except for the boxes. The thieves left all of the empty boxes of the things I should have gotten for Christmas that year. At least I got to see a picture of the awesome ghetto blaster that I should have had.

5. I have arthritis. I have been largely ignoring my symptoms for most of my life (I was diagnosed at age 10). I was once told that the progression was bad enough that I would likely be in a wheelchair before age 40. Seeing as my 40th birthday is just over 60 days away, I'm thinking that ain't going to happen. :)

6. I got my GED and applied to college when I was 30. You guys know that part. What you don't know is that the only college that offered that particular program in Ontario was over a 2 hour drive from where I lived. So for eight very long months, I left my then husband and children at home and to their own devices while I pursued my academic goals. I could only afford to visit every other weekend so it was very hard on all of us. That was a milstone year for me and my girls schoolwise. I was starting my first day at college, while my eldest was starting her first day of highschool, and my youngest daughter was starting her first day of kindergarten.

7. I come from very humble beginnings. At one point in my life, I was an aboriginal teenaged runaway, homeless, and pregnant, with absolutely no good prospects in life. I had been abused, neglected, and without hope. I tell you this so that you can know that anyone can change and turn their life around. Whatever it is that seems hopeless in your life can be changed.

 I leave you with this video. *grab some kleenex, you will need it*
The video had copyright something or other so I had to delete it.



  1. Loved hearing your 7. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you very much for the nomination! I'll try to get this up as soon as possible :D

    I'm humbled by your #2, #6 and #7 comments. Actually, #6 sounds kind of similar to my mom, and #7 sounds a little like my grandmother.

  3. I am honored that you shared so many things with us. You are a true example to all of us.

    And yes I cried during the video...for one to give so much

  4. Loved this post, especially number 7.

  5. that must have been difficult to study away from the family, and I agree with your #7