Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Got My Valentine's Wish :)

When I found out that Gail was going to be doing a book signing in Oshawa, I begged Hubby to take me as my gift for Valentine's Day. Not that far away really. Just a little drive. So yesterday morning, we packed ourselves and Cub in the car first thing in the morning, and headed to the Oshawa Chapters store.

Cub waiting in line to see Gail, and get *his* book signed.

We were able to hear her speak and answer questions for about 45 minutes before she started signing. It was wonderful. She talked about her love for her kids, and the things she does for them out of love ( and so they will take care of her in her old age). She talked about jars, and emergency funds ( so not what she calls hers) and about adjusting your spending plan to take life as it comes. (Something I just figured out myself.)

Cub and Gail. They were having a good laugh 'howling' with each other.

Hubby asked her about her knitting, and she claims it is going well. :)
She talked to folks in the audience about it being a parents responsibility to teach our children about money, starting at age 2 or 3 by showing them that you exchange money for something you want; then at age 6, incorporate an allowance to teach them the basics of having a spending plan and to start them on the right track of learning how to save.

She talked to Cub more than anyone else in the line, I think. ;)

We had to wait in line for~ever to get up to the front. Of course, with Cub, I had forgotten anything I was going to ask by the time we got to the front of the line. I was just happy to be seeing her again, and to get one of her huge hugs.

I think both of my 'men' have a crush on Gail now. *sigh*

The best moment of the day for me!

Content, we drove home to London. Thanks to Chapters for giving us the opportunity to see Gail again. A very big thank you to Gail for sharing a few moments of your life with us. You'll be hearing from us again soon!


  1. Awwwwww that's so sweet!! I love how Cub AND your husband are so into Gail!! What a perfect Valentine's gift!!

  2. I can only repeat what the others said. Awesome, fantastic and a perfect valentine's day gift.

  3. oh thats great that you got to meet Gail! I like her show.