Friday, June 17, 2011

Where is the sun?

I thought that we were headed into summer, but the sun has decided not to participate. I would really enjoy being out in the sunshine, taking a walk with the little guy or playing at the park.

This past week, I have paid off the outstanding dental bill to the tune of $1300, and we've talked about 'borrowing' some money to pay for the lawyer's retainer fee. By borrowing, I mean borrowing from one of our other funds already in place. We have eleven months worth of rent in one of our accounts already, and that $3500 won't be needed until March, April and May of 2012. It would help me accomplish an outstanding goal of getting the ball rolling on what should be a fairly difficult legal battle (my ex is of the mindset that because I left, I should be entitled to nothing). I've been putting this off for far too long, and I would feel better about setting things in place.

It's an interest free loan to ourselves, and would have to be paid back by the end of February. That's roughly $440 for the next 8 months. I'm not sure how we would work this into the budget, but I'm certain that even if we come relatively close to it, all will be well. We can cut down in other areas, and will have the EEE Account to fall back on as well.

I feel a sense of urgency to do this sooner rather than later, as my ex works at a certain automotive plant which is closing permanently in August. He called this week to ask me to meet him somewhere to look over some paperwork that requires my signature, regarding the plant closure. Signatures would have to be witnessed by a Lawyer or Notary Public anyway, so I'm thinking getting my lawyer to read them over with me, and giving me advice would be appropriate.

Last time he asked me to sign some papers, it was so that he could take equity out of the house that we owned, but was in his name only, so that he could do some improvements prior to putting the house up for sale. Well, he never made the improvements, and he never put the house on the market. I feel he should have given me some of that money, but of course, he disagrees. One of the many things that we have differing opinions on.

However, I'm going to make the call today to see the lawyer, and get it started. I so want to be divorced from that man.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Hope all goes well with the lawyer. Divorces can be expensive and not fun at all! It's nice to have the past really be the past.

  2. My sister is going through something similar. Definitely have your lawyer read anything before you sign! I hope you are able to settle things with him soon.


  3. My husband went through an expensive and lengthy divorce battle from his first wife. It's shocking how things can be delayed and tied up for months and months for nothing. And stupid expensive!!! Best to get it done and over with! Good luck!

  4. Turned out absolutely gorgeous here today!! :) HoPe you figure things out so you can get your divorce completed!

  5. I hope you get things sorted out! I can't imagine the long waiting period to get things settled!

  6. Yuck! Definitely sign nothing without a lawyer reviewing first - looks like your ex would take you for a ride it he can get the chance. Be very careful! You're entitled to half no matter who leaves!