Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hubby did it!! and some June Goals

Back on May 3rd, I wrote a wee bit about Hubby's willingness to fogo his Timmy's coffee every morning, in order to help  put our finances back to rights. In doing so, he wanted to beat down his overdraft.
I'm happy to announce, that during the entire month of May, Hubby only purchased coffee from Timmy's ONCE!
He used to spend $3.72 for two  Extra Large coffees every single morning that he worked. Buy not buying them this month, he reduced his spending by $78.12. If he were to reduce his spending only on this particular item, over the course of a year, it would free up over $900 in his cash flow. He did say that it excited him to hear that if he can keep a lid on his spending, the coffee allotment alone can wipe out his overdraft. He also said that he can't promise to not buy coffee at all, but he would be bringing coffee from home as a habit. Buying it will now be a treat.
It's not gonna happen, but a girl can dream, right?

I had 5 goals for May, and I failed all of them except one. I managed to host my daughter's birthday/honour dinner for $100.

My goals for June are as follows:

1. Call Bell Mobility and lower cellphone bill however possible. See if we have enough credit to get newer phones for our plan.

2. Build Emergency fund to $1000. Again.

That's it. I'm aiming some something simpler than I usually aim for. If I can focus on one thing, I seem to do better with goals. Having an emergency fund is important to my financial well being. I'll be giving attention to everything else this week, so my focus this month will be to rebuild the Emergency Fund.


  1. Setting goals is always a good thing...congrats to hubby...I'm an avid coffee drinker and I'm sure this was a hard one for him!

    I'll be calling the cable and cell phone company myself. I hate those bills, and hopefully I'll be able to put more towards savings if I can lower them!

  2. That's great that your Hubby is on board with his coffee habit. I think that he will enjoy the coffee much more when he only buys it every so often compared to twice per day. Down with the Overdraft!

  3. I wish my husband had a habit he could cut out, but unfortunately I am the spender! He just earns a really small income.

  4. Good for your hubby! I'll mail the painting to you soon. I'm waiting to see what Canada Post is going to do. ( I don't want it in limbo!)

  5. I am so glad he had his A HA moment!! how exciting.

  6. Yay to hubby! They say if you do something 19 times it becomes a habit so you never know! He could do it! I've pretty much cut out buying coffee - it's a rare event now. I used to spend at least $50 a month at Starbucks - now nothing!

  7. Your husband did great!! Awesome savings! It sure does add up! :) Good luck building up your emergency fund again!