Thursday, June 2, 2011

House Envy

Hubby and I sat down and talked a bit about my house envy last night. At the outset, I told him that it wasn't something I wanted right this minute, but buying a home is on my radar. I know we are still years away from it, but it doesn't stop me from dreaming.

My friend is in the process of putting her condo up for sale, and buying a detached or semi-detached home. Her condo would be almost perfect for us. Not too big, not too small. The price is right. It has central air. Because of the location of it, my children would get bussed to school. We could afford the monthly costs of mortgage, insurance, condo fees, utilities and taxes. What we don't have is a down payment. Or much of one anyway.

Hubby mentioned he really would like our own backyard to sit in, and watch our Cub play, while we drank iced tea at our patio set. We sat and shared the dream for a few minutes. Then we talked reality, and numbers. We set a magic number.

Our magic number is $20,000. Eighteen of it would be a down payment, and the other $2000 would be for the things that will inevitably pop up. We're giving ourselves time. Seeing as his CSB's aren't earmarked for anything, and are serving as a sort of Emergency fund right now, this will become part of our down payment fund when the account earmarked for for emergencies hits $1000.

Only $19,000 to go, give or take $5 or $10.

As our debts get paid off, portions of payments will get rolled into the House Fund. Hopefully, we can own our own little piece of grass someday.


  1. Great plan!
    I hope you find your perfect home when the time is right!

  2. It sounds like you are thoughtfully thinking this through. We have a dream of moving to the lake someday...wishing it were sooner rather than later.

    You'll have the 20,000 before you know it, now that you have set that goal! :)!

  3. Having a home is great but not being able to afford the home you are in is awful. You are wise to plan and think this through. But I can understand you dream.

  4. I think you plan sounds very reasonable!!!
    well done!!!

  5. We don't own our home, but I can relate. This is the first house we ever lived in and I'm so thankful for it!! We were in a 3 bdrm walk-up for YEARS! Ugh!!

    We love it at our new house & our landlords are such wonderful people. It's nice having somewhere that you truly feel at "home"!

  6. Knowing what you want, setting a goal and a timeline, sounds like you're following GAIL's advice to the letter! You're not reaching for the moon and I think your plan is very doable. Everyone wants a piece of grass for their very own:)