Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 Pounds turned into 10

Last month, I posted about wanting to lose 2 pounds. That would put me under the 180 pound mark.

So when I weighed myself yesterday, I was surprised to see that I now weigh 190 pounds. God, I wish I could stop this weight gain stuff!

I haven't gotten much exercise in, but I have increased the amount of fruits and veggies in my diet. Of course, I'm eating more now that my hernia has settled down again.

Must make time to increase my movement/exercising.

Sorry for the short post today, but I have a really long list of things to do and no car to do them with. Makes for an interesting day.

I'll be back tomorrow with another, longer post.


  1. Well now that it's summertime there will be lots of local produce to be had!! I'd make fruits & veggies the bulk of your meals, then protein and a *small portion* of carbs if you really want to see the weight come off! ;) Good luck!

  2. Without a car you will get more exercise, this will help. But I also hate the weight thing. Just cut back and get moving. You can do this. Hernias are painful so slow and steady.

  3. That's rather frustrating. I'v been the same weight for a number of years now but I know that it won't last. Hope you were able to get some of your errands done without having a car. My van was in the shop today :( it's just about on it's last legs.

  4. I've been dealing with weight gain as well. I know it's because I'm not exercising and eating poorly. Time for me to shape up, as I really don't have an excuse not to!

    Take your time and make sure you are fully healed before doing anything extra. The weight will come off.