Saturday, April 30, 2011

When I disappear

Some times, I disappear from the blog for a few days at a time. Usually it's because life gets busy, and I really don't have a whole lot to say. Other times though, is because I have had to go help someone in need.

The other night, we were heading out the door to have dinner before our monthly Gail Club meeting when my cell phone rang. It was my cousin asking me to come to Sarnia to help. Her husband was in hospital, and the family had made the decision to disconnect life support systems. His death was imminent, and the family wanted me to come and take care of things, in a culturally appropriate manner.

I was honored by their request, and left as soon as I could after taking care of some details here at home. I knew I was going to be gone awhile, and hubby was scheduled to start back to work Friday morning. Sadly, I wasn't able to be there at the hospital for my cousin before her husband passed away, but I was there to do the things that were asked of me.

I spent the better part of Thursday night and most of the day Friday at a funeral home in another town. I stayed with the deceased until his family could come and do a ceremonial bathing and dressing for his funeral. The owner of the funeral home was glad that he was able to honor the family requests, by having me there without compromising on the ethical dilemma of having someone in the funeral home overnight. When the someone is of First Nations heritage, willing to honor the family request AND a licenced funeral director, it works out for everyone, given the situation.

I've suggested to the funeral home, who work with the first Nations community in that area, that I would be willing to do this for other families as well. The preparation work gets done for the funeral home, the family is satisfied that their cultural needs are being met, and I get more paid work. It would be advantageous to the funeral home to market this service in the First Nation communities that they serve. I've also suggested to other members of the family that I would be willing to do this for any who request it, seeing as the funeral home will pay me to do so.

I will likely not be posting on Monday, as the funeral service is that day, and I will again be out of town. I will be attending the service as a member of the family, at the request of the family, and not there to work. I'll be back to posting on Tuesday though.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. How amazingly wonderful that you could provide this invaluable service in such a sensitive manner. What a gift you have given them in such a tough time.

  2. Bless you that you are able to do this great act. You will have many stars in your crown of glory.

  3. We missed you at Gail Club, but we all know work comes up for you so no biggie...see you next month!


  4. I am curious what exactly do you do?

  5. it's so important that peoples beliefs and wishes are carried out. It would give peace of mind to relatives, it's important work that you do.

  6. Sarah,
    I'm glad you asked.
    I'm a funeral director. If you read back in my archives some, there are a couple of blog posts about my work.
    - Eboo