Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday: Home and Business

Ok, I got nothing. Well, that's not exactly true. I got little blurbs to chat about, but nothing that would make a whole post in it's entirety. Instead, I'm just gonna blurb about whatever is floating around in my brain on this fine sunshine-y morning.

Sunshine is here! Thank god for that! Who isn't tired of the cold, drab days? Hearing birds chirping outside my window every morning is a wonderful way to wake up, except when they start at 5 a.m.

Operation clean up: I started yesterday in the bathroom. I managed to clean out the medicine cabinet and the cabinet under the sink, the counter top, and empty the garbage. I took a break when hubby got home from work, and told him of my plan to get rid of as much stuff as possible. We chatted about selling and getting rid of stuff, and of course he's on board for that. Again we discussed and agreed that whatever leaves the house is NOT coming back in. He also set some 'rules' for the yard sale day, like not buying more crap to replace crap we're getting rid of.  Then he proceeded to start in the living room with cleaning out the area of the second, older computer that is going to DD1's house.

(Note: I think I'm actually going to accept help from my buddy. There is so much to do, to get rid of and go through, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. If I don't nip this in the bud, in 10 years I could be on Hoarders.)

Money is on my mind a lot these days. There are bills to be paid, income tax to file, expenses to be taken care of, and of this very moment, I have no money to do any of it. Every year, the early months of the year can be difficult for my business, which means I have no income (again). But the yearly contract should be coming in within the next 7 weeks or so, and then all will be fine. I just gotta hang in until then. this downtime is when I typically work on my Income tax stuff, compiling all the expenses over the last year, and plugging those numbers into next years budget. I tweak and tweak until I get it nearly perfect. I'm sure there will be so many things that I can do this year, but of course I cannot do them all.

Made with Love Swap: I finally finished the last of four dishcloths that I had been knitting for my 'partner'. The last one I made, which happened to take the longest amount of time, is the best pattern, in my humble opinion. The 'seed stitch' pattern gives the dishcloth a bubbly texture to it, which is perfect for washing dishes with stubborn, stuck-on foodstuffs. I'll have to get to a postal outlet very soon to send out these items, along with a couple of other goodies that I'm including, specific to her. :)

My to do list is about a thousand miles long, and so I must get to doing it. Hopefully, I'll get some stuff accomplished before I get any work calls. *crosses fingers*

Have a good day everyone!


  1. You had more to say than you thought! Great job getting serious for the yard sale. I've held my fair share of yard sales over the years and it's an exhausting process. But it sure is gratifying when you have cold, hard cash in your hands at the end of the day!


  2. If I don't get busy cleaning out as well, I'll be on the Hoarders episode with you....

    I agree with Sarah - way to go on the yard sale progress!


  3. I have that ahead of me too - getting ready for a yard sale or two. Friends are having one in their neighbourhood so I am thinking about joining them - I really HAVE to start downsizing - I don't plan to move too much from here to PEI when the time comes. One of these days I'll get started...