Sunday, April 17, 2011

Murphy included in Swap?

Joining the "Made With Love" swap was something I enjoyed doing. I chatted with the lady at the post office who helped me to mail my gifts, and told her how it came about. She thought it was a great idea. She told me about a number of exchanges she was involved in over the years, sending out weird socks, or cute dish towels and the like, and never receiving anything in return. How disappointing! I hope my exchange buddy likes her things. I'll tell you more about them once I know she's gotten them, which should be Wednesday.

Friday, I started having some pain in my abdomen. I had a number of things to do that day, and dealing with pain wasn't on my list. More of the same yesterday, so I went to an Urgent Care Clinic. They told me that they couldn't really do anything for me that day, but they would start me down the road to figuring out what it was that was causing the pain. I have to call for an appointment on Monday for an ultrasound, but the doc at the clinic was fairly certain that I have a hernia behind my umbilicus.

This really isn't surprising considering what my job entails. It's not extremely physical, but I do a fair amount of pulling and pushing of a fair amount of weight for small periods of time. Just enough to irritate said hernia. Just enough to cause me more pain. *sigh* I'm probably going to have to hire someone part-time to assist me with the physical part of the job temporarily.

Another side effect of the hernia is having painful and urgent trips to the bathroom after eating a meal. Last night, MIL took us out to a restaurant for a nice family dinner. I couldn't eat as much as I normally can. By the time we drove into our parking lot, the pain was quite incredible. I'd rather give birth again that have to deal with that.

With this most recent problem, at least I'll be eating meals at home now until this is under control. It'll force me to cook meals instead of going out to eat, which will help the finances.

Hubby and I make a great pair! His back hurts, and my front hurts.

Who included Murphy in their swap package? You can have him back anytime.

P.S. Thanks to all of you, I hit my goal of followers in the double digits. You guys rock!


  1. I hope you are feeling better!!! I smiled when you said you and hubby make a great pair...front pain and back pain. Both my husband and I seem to be injured at the same fun!

    Sending good thoughts your way!!

  2. Oh brother - just what you DON'T need. So glad you are keeping your sense of humour about it though! Sounds like a day for resting is in order. I'm ordering you to do nothing for the rest of the day! OK?

  3. Thanks Sharon & Jane.
    Jane, I wished I had seen your comment yesterday! Lol!