Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Stuff I Found

No, I'm not talking about accumulating more things to continue to fill an already overstuffed apartment. I'm talking about articles from the Inter-Web. Every day I sit and hunt, and look around for newer ideas, strategies and things that are generally interesting. I'd like to share some of those with you.

We are huge fans of Gail Vaz-Oxlade around here. We've even met her. *howls to Gail* She's got some great articles on her blog, like "Serious About Becoming Debt Free?" and "Four Piles of Money".  If you want to read all of her favourite blog posts that she's written, click here then click on the titles to read the entire article.

For ages, I have followed a certain blog. Here's a link to Everything you really needed to know about personal finance, all on one page. It's a free download, and I think it gives a great perspective on all things financial.

For personal journeys with finance, I highly recommend The Quest to be Financially Abundant. This gal is on a steamroller to get her debt paid off by the end of the year. I'm one of the folks cheering her on from the sidelines!

Over at My Half Dozen Daily, this Mom talks about frugality, family and includes pictures of her sewing creations. She was the incredible lady who coordinated the Made With Love Swap. I read this daily too.

Kristen blogs at The Frugal Girl about homeschooling, giving recipes about her wonderful baked goods, and all manner of frugal ways of living.

Sisters Jenny & Sarah are just new to blogging and starting out on the Debt Freedom journey which can be found at Digging out of Debt, One Spoonful at a Time. I already look forward to each new post!

Also new to blogging about their debt at Two Year Debt Challenge, this 20-something couple are facing a huge obstacle with their $83,000 worth of debt. I'll be following them as well.

Post some of your favourites.


  1. Thanks for the link/blog love! On payday tomorrow - I'll be making a payment that drops my owing total to $17,950!

    2011 = Debt Annihilation Year!

    Keep going with your stuff you are really getting on a roll too!!

  2. Dear Eboo,

    I received your gift today! My house smells lovely right now. The dish clothes are beautiful and the soaps, OH MY, sweet grass is one of my favorite smells! I love when I go for a walk in late summer and I can smell the sweet grass! The book on old grave yards, I can;t wait to dive into! My whole family loves old grave yards, and we love to read the headstones and often wonder about who the people were. Thanks you again, and I'll send a proper thank you in the mail!


  3. Thanks for the shout-out Eboo! Right back at ya. Jenny and I have been overwhelmed by the support we've found here. Who knew?!


  4. I love going back and reading some of Gail's posts too!

  5. What a great idea! I'll be sure to post a few of my own.