Monday, April 11, 2011

Garage Sale Prep

We have the opportunity to 'rent' a table (with a $15.00 donation to a charity) in order to have a garage sale. When you live in an apartment building, setting up a table and selling your crap ain't as easy as it would be if we lived in our own home. When this opportunity came along, I saw dollar signs. We could get rid of our junk, and get a receipt for the donation. Win-win!

Hubby and I have agreed that whatever leaves our home for the sale does not come back in, no matter what. So whatever stuff doesn't get sold or given away for pennies on the dollar, will get donated to a thrift store.

The sale day will be May 7th, so I have got to get my behind in gear! I have to go through each room in our apartment, and assess what can be kept, donated, sold or given away. I'm not looking forward to the 'deep cleaning' that I'll have to do, but it must be done. We have far too much stuff in our little apartment. I need a plan.

The Plan:

Step 1: Get some big-ish boxes from the grocery store.
Step 2/Week 1: Clean & sort Bathroom, Linen closet, and Cub's Room
Step 3/Week 2: Clean & sort Kitchen and Dining Room
Step 4/Week 3: Clean & sort Large Hallway closets and Bug's Room
Step 5/Week 4: Clean & sort Living room/Computer Area and Master bedroom

I already know some of the things that we will be selling. The folding poker table and chip set is going. We have one glass end table and one wooden-ish television table going. There will be an assortment of books leaving. Untold amounts of toys and clothing will be going too. I will be ruthless about getting rid of crap that is just taking up space! If I don't love it, use it or if it's not useful right away, it's gone!

My financial goal for the yard sale to to make $ 600. That amount of money would pay off both the overdraft on my bank account and pay off the store card that is already slated to be paid off in June. The quicker these amounts are paid off, we can divert some cash flow over into savings for things that are coming up during the year, like insurance premiums and Xmas.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck! Your cleaning out different rooms reminds me of the organizational wizard 30 day cleaning challenge. Where did you find this program that rents tables to sell your stuff?

  2. Good Luck!
    I need to get cracking to prepare for ours the end of May. Surprising the stuff that a person can get rid of and somebody will pay for!
    Remember to save your $15 receipt for income tax!

  3. Hey Girl!

    I would be happy to come and help organize your space if you need a buddy to help you out...I really enjoy it!

    Msg me if you want!

  4. I've thought of having a garage sale but have never done so. I think that I should do so this year. Good luck on making $600 :)