Thursday, March 17, 2011


I really enjoy writing, and have thought about writing a book for some time now. I have a specific book in my head that I'm slowly working on putting to paper, or to be precise, putting into our computer.

I know that in order to ever finish this book, or to ever write any others, one must take the time to actually sit down and write. Which is how the My Life Journey blog came to be. Blogging daily encourages me to develop the habit of writing daily. The other benefits I've gained from blogging are all unexpected bonuses as far as I'm concerned.

I know that they 'bestseller' book in my head likely will never become a bestseller on the market. It may never even become published. Honestly, I could care less. I just love to write. However, years ago, I had dreamed that I would become a famous author, with fans clamoring to get my autograph on their copy of my latest tome. I've matured, and so have my ideals since that 14 year old girl daydreamed of such a thing. I know I will very likely not get rich and famous from my written stories.

But I am hoping that somehow, I might get one of my little blurbs published. Maybe an E-book. Who knows? I'm open to the possibilities, but am well grounded by the realities. I'm no Stephen King.

I'm trying to get in about 30 minutes of writing each day, between blog and book, just to keep my mind active and to exercise my fingers. My keyboard hates me most of the time though, and I have to edit half of what I've typed mere seconds after I've typed it. I detest obvious spelling errors, and feel the need to fix them immediately.

Thanks to you folks who stop by here to read my ramblings. It's good to know that there are people out there in this great big world who actually like reading my stuff. I may someday throw a chapter of my book on here to get some feedback from you nice people.


  1. I came here accidentally.... but liked your blog. I will certainly join your writing journey. All the best!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my ramblings. :)