Monday, March 21, 2011

What I would like in our Future Home

 These are my expectations of what I would like to have in our future home. I know that is likely going to be several years before we are ready to purchase (if at all), so this is a dreaming type of list. Perhaps in a year or so, I could go over the list again to see if anythings changed at all.

  1. Three bedrooms. With an eleven year old, and a three year old, it is imperative that they both have their own bedrooms, as well as one for Hubby and I.
  2. Garden space. I cannot imagine living in a home without growing some of my own vegetables at the very least.
  3. A two car garage. Not having to brush snow and scrape ice from my vehicle when I need it for work in the winter will be much appreciated. I can live with room for only one vehicle inside, as long the driveway is wide enough for two vehicles to be side by side.
  4. A finished basement for a kids playroom and an office area. I hate having the computer in my living room.
  5. Storage area in basement, garage or attic. I don't care where, as long as our boxes of seasonal things aren't taking up closet space anymore.
  6. An area in the backyard for the barbecue and table and chairs. I like to cook outside and have a place to sit outdoors with my morning coffee.
  7. A big bathtub.
  8. Not too many stairs. I have trouble with them some days due to my arthritis, which will only worsen as I age.
  9. To stay there forever. I never want to have to move again after we purchase our home. so once we decide, that will be where we will live forever.
What do you think? Am I asking for too much?


  1. With the exception of the stairs and the finished basement, you pretty much described my house!

    Once you are ready, you will find exactly what you are looking for. The only thing I wish was different about our house is I wish I had a small front room (living room) so when I'm expecting someone, I could have a place to sit comfortably and look out the window. As it is right now, we have a front door that opens into a moderate sized foyer, but the only window is a narrow vertical window alongside the door to peek out. And if I want to sit and wait for someone, I have to sit on the steps leading to the upstairs.

    Other than that, I'm very happy with my house and other features totally outweigh the lack of front window or sitting area.

  2. I don't think you're asking for too much, in fact, I think your list is very modest compared to what I see people looking for on HGTV (my favourite channel!) I hope you get it, someday!

  3. I'm very grateful for my house today! We have everything you described, save for the garage, but we have 4bdrms for our million kids... ;) I think your list is perfect!

  4. What a lovely list me dear!
    you will have your house someday soon I know it :)