Saturday, March 26, 2011

Proud of My Bug

My almost 12 year old daughter came to me this week with something that she needs some help with. Her, and a group of her friends in Grade 6, decided that they would like to hold a fundraiser to help with Relief efforts in Japan. This is the second social activity that my Doodle Bug has been involved in organising this year. She's a little social butterfly, friends with everyone. You'd never know how shy she really is! Anyway, she asked about help with making of a cake, and some items for a basket for raffles they will be holding. All proceeds will be going to a charity that is helping with relief efforts.

She's at her Dad's this week, so I'll be busy preparing a basket for her, without her knowing. She's coming back home a day early, so that Thursday night, we can bake and decorate a cake. She thought it would be a good idea if we frosted the cake to look like a Japanese flag to keep with the theme. She also printed out Japanese symbols earlier this week, snagged from the Internet, like peace, love, courage, faith, pride, strength, hope, serenity, and believe. These printings will be their 'decorations' for the dance area. Now she has volunteered to come up with some appropriate music from Japan.

When she watched the news reports about the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged parts of Japan, she cried. It bothered her greatly to see the devastation and how many people have lost everything due to the disasters. We talked about it, because I know that her dream in life is to go to Japan, and study there. She wants to study anime and use it to develop video games. Although I think her dreams will change in time, her desire to visit Japan will never change. There is something about Japan that is magical to her and means a lot. So the disasters occurring there really hit home with her.

She's already showing such wonderful qualities in a human being and I couldn't be more proud. How'd I get such a great kid?


  1. That is wonderful. What a beautiful little heart she has!

  2. Your post today made me smile - I was just reading again today about how things are going in Japan. Your daughter sounds like a sweetheart!

  3. What an amazing young lady you have there April - and I am pretty sure she has an amazing mentor in her mother with your big open heart :)
    you should be very proud my dear :)

  4. Such a compassionate child. Thanks for sharing her passion for helping those less fortunate. It's very inspiring.