Friday, March 18, 2011

My Cub is now 3!

Three years ago, I was hugely pregnant, patiently awaiting my due date. I remember this day, mostly before the birth because it was busy. I still had to work, and got started early in the day. Hubby and I were at another hospital doing some paperwork, checking and re-checking documents, and signing everything. It was getting on around 10:30 a.m., and I had an 11:00 appointment with my OB. It was only a 5 minute drive away, but we knew it would take us longer to find parking than it would be to get there.

We made it to the appointment area, with several other women who were in all stages of pregnancy. I had my blood pressure checked, and my weight recorded. I had lost a fair amount of weight in the beginning, so I was regaining lost ground, lol. We were taken to a room where I would be checked by the doc. We waited, and talked about whether we should go for lunch before we finished going back to the other hospital to finish signing off on the documents.

Doc came in and chatted with us. I was still only 3 cm dilated, as I had been for two weeks. Doc was asking again when I was due. March 22 was the official date. I was 39 weeks + 2 days gestation.(Good enough for me, let's get this show on the road!) While doing his examination, I had a contraction. On his hand. (I'll let you figure that one out for yourselves.) He looks at me and says, "How do you feel about having a baby today?" I was elated! I thought he was going to make me wait either until my due date was past, or my water broke, whichever came first.

We were allowed to leave for a short time while we got some things taken care of (not the paperwork) and came back a short time later to be given medication to help my labour along. I knew I had been in labour for a few days already, but no one else really believed me. The contractions were too weak to show up on the monitors, and I wasn't dilated enough. An hour or so with pitocin, and labour was gearing up full force.
I had an epidural, and a short time later, I became a mom to a beautiful son, and hubby became a dad for the first time. (BTW, the epidural worked enough that my feet were fully frozen when he was born. I felt everything else! An hour after he was born, I felt frozen from the neck down, lol!)

That was 3 years ago already. How time flies! We have had some great moments with him. We have had some terrible days with him, thinking we were going to lose him. But he has survived and thrived through it all, and is a joy to behold everyday.

I opened his RESP yesterday, and got him his first bank account. I figured it was time I started working on his future as well as his present.

Happy Birthday Cub! Mom-mom and Dadda love you!


  1. I was also due for Big M on March 22nd (2002). She came 11 days early on March 11th... middle of the night I felt a "pop" and a gush. 7 hrs later labour started and 3 hrs later she was born, unexpectedly at home! When she decided to come, she came really fast - there was no time to get to the hospital! Certainly foretelling her spicy, independent, "do-it-her-own-way" personality!!!

  2. Wonderful memories - isn't it wonderful how we can look back on the pain with such good humour? Good thing or there would be a lot more only children out there lol!

  3. awwwww happy birthday. I never even made 0.5cm when I was in labour. darn kids. It is sooooo good you already started his RESP. So many years to grow.

  4. I forgot to say "Happy Birthday Little Cub" when I responded earlier. So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!