Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Upcoming Shopping Season - Almost Done

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American neighbours!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the holiday shopping rush, at least in the U.S. All through the year we have been saving our money for this specific event. Christmas shopping. Oh, how I dread the thought. I want nothing to do with all the craziness that goes on in the malls at this time. In years past, I was always happy to have my shopping finished early, so that when I *had* to go to the mall, I could go about my business as quickly as possible.

We met our goal of having $1100 set aside for Christmas. This is/was our budget for all gifts for the family, not including myself. If I gotta buy my own gift, and then wrap it, it just doesn't feel the same to me. We have purchased some major gifts, including a 32" LCD HDTV flatscreen for the family, a large train table playset for our son, a Super Mario 25th Anniversary Edition DSiXL and Bowser's Inside Story game for DS2.

I also purchased a few things for hubby, some as Christmas gifts, and some as birthday gifts seeing as his birthday is December 26th. We have likely gone over our alloted Christmas budget, but only by a few dollars. We still have 3 gifts left to buy, and one $10.00 giftcard left to purchase. I'm looking at spending another $175 for these items, tax included. As soon as that's done, we will be officially finished Christmas shopping!

We made an arrangement with BIL that we would not exchange gifts this year. Instead he will get a card made by one of the kids, with our family photo included. My one neice,her husband and children are coming in from out of province for the holidays. While they are here, we are springing for the cost of childcare, so the four of us can go out for sushi dinner, and then to bingo afterward. Seeing as he just got back from overseas with the military, the very fact that he is able to be with us for a night of fun is more than enough of a gift for me.

I am still dilligently working away on homemade gifts of knitted dishcloths, a hat for DS2, a blanket for the grandson that will be born soon, as well as some heating pads, and mitt/glove warmers. I also have plans to make some Irish Cream for our adult friends (they loved this last year), some instant flavoured coffee mixes, and some seasoning mixes to gift.

During the month of December, while everyone else is in a rush to get things done, I will be able to slow down and enjoy some activities with friends and family. The year long planning will be well worth it.

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  1. Sounds wonderful!! I've saved all year for our Christmas budget too, and it's a HUGE relief! I have just one more small gift on my list that i'll be picking up at the Craft Fair on the weekend, and i'm DONE! :)

    I'll be enjoying my December too! All I have to do is wrapping!