Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Mid-Month Update

My goals for November are:

-fully fund Xmas Fund-$269.85 ($204.85 left)
-baby shower money-$500.00 I've reduced this goal to $200
-make 12 xmas gifts 6 gifts made
-open savings accounts for kids
-payment plan for lawyer
-Wardrobe month; go through clothing for each person in house and determine what stays, what goes & what's needed still have done this for the kids so far
-Xmas gifts in a jar - these were quite popular last year with our crowd, so I will make more this year, including some new recipes. Looked through recipes available and decided which ones to make

It's been a quiet month so far. I've been knitting, and working on some Christmas projects that I'd like to give as gifts. We started our Christmas shopping and got two of the major purchases done already, and are still deciding on the third one.

We went to a nearby city for their Gail Club meeting, and met some really great people. I would like to thank our hostess for allowing us all to meet in her home. I want to thank all the members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Gail Club for giving us some insight as to how they run their meetings. I hope that in the new year, our London club can be a bit more structured.

Here at home, Hubby got a lay off notice. It gave us a few days to come up with a of a contingency plan, should the warehouse where he works actually close. He was given the option however to take a different job in the warehouse with a $0.66 per hour paycut cut. That translates into an income loss of $1372.80 per year. Not a huge cut, but that's more than our annual christmas budget alone. I guess I'll find a way to carve that money out of our budget.

I'd like to be doing work for the new company by January and bringing in an income. It's been 49 days with no money coming in for me, and that is not something that I can say that I like very much. We have money to cover our major expenses, but I would like to have an income coming in again before our emergency essential expenses are completed depleted.

I have got to redo our debt repayment plan, as the huge Income Tax bill needs to be added, as well as a payment plan for the lawyer. I'm hoping to spend some time on this over the weekend, which will give us some new focus and perspective.

How is your month shaping up?

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  1. It was great to meet you at the Kitchener/Waterloo Gail club meeting. Our month is shaping up great. We are in the process of spending our Christmas budget. With all the savings that we've been doing and all the spending we are doing now, or net worth is set to tank a little bit.