Monday, November 1, 2010

End of October Report

Here are our October numbers:

Planned spending - down $16.15
Xmas Fund - added $94.15
Emergency fund - down$207.00
RRSP - added $10
General Savings - added $35.00
Can. Saving Bond - added $280.00

$160 paid to Personal Loan
$200 paid to CC with 28% int. rate
$183.87 paid to CC with 0% int. rate
$255.05 paid to Auto Loan
$22.50 paid to HBC card with 28.8% int. rate

We put a total of $419.15 into our various saving pots this month.
We paid a total of $821.42 toward our debt this month.

October was a crazy month for us financially. Due to some poor planning on my part, our yearly insurance policies came due for payment, and we had to scramble to come up with the money to pay them. I had forgotten to add them to the budget. Silly me. So in additon to our regular monthly bills, we had to come up with an additional $6128.20. My recurring monthly goal of adding no more debt was left behind this month also. For the first time since becoming self-employed, I faced a large Income tax bill this year. So our debt grew by about $3600 this month alone! Yuck!!


  1. There are bound to be good months and bad months. Inspite of the large insurance and income tax bills you got, you did great to put money into savings AND pay off some of your loans and CC's. Those "surprise" bills will come now and then and we must absorb them. Next year you'll be better prepared for the insurance bill. Live and learn, right?

    Put this month behind you and move on. Next month will be better! Hugs! You still did great to me!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Being self-employed, we certainly are used to having good months and bad months. It was just scary having so much money due all at once. It won't happen again next year though.