Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Baby Shower

On Sunday, we held a baby shower for my 21 year old daughter and her boyfriend. They are expecting their first child in December. It was a group effort. I'd like to thank Jocelyn and Brodie for sharing their home with us, Linda for helping with the invitations and the cake, Laurie for assistance with the games, and to all of those who were there or sent gifts to make the day a special one for the happy couple.

I managed to stay way under budget for this event, spending only $150 in total, not including the gift. I have about $200 left that I had budgeted, so I will be spending the remaining funds on the purchase of a new crib mattress, diapers and the remaining on a gift card so that they can buy whatever they may still need.

The Mommy and Daddy to be spent an hour and a half opening gifts. They got diapers and wipes, clothes, and a wide variety of baby related items that they might need, and even a few that they only wanted. It's amazing the array of really cute baby items that are out there!

I'm still slowly working on the hand knitted blanket that I hope that they will use to cover the baby in for his first pictures (yes, it's a boy). Maybe I should hold onto some of the money for the waiting game at the hospital when she goes into labour. I'm guessing Tim Horton's will be loving us that day! Knowing that it's very possible that they will be having the baby during the Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing Day stretch, I'm trying to get all of our gift wrapping and buying done ahead of time. I don't want to be worrying about gift wrapping while I'm watching my grandson being born!

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