Tuesday, November 30, 2010

End of November Report

Here are our November numbers:

Planned spending - down $219.04
Xmas Fund - down $811.51
Emergency fund - down $290.00
RRSP - added $71.74
General Savings - down $94.46
Can. Saving Bond - added unknown amount

$100 paid to Personal Loan
$142.42 paid to CC with 28% int. rate
$150 paid to CC with 0% int. rate
$215.95 paid to Auto Loan
used and paid off immediately, HBC card with 28.8% int. rate

We put a total of $71.74 into our various saving pots this month.
We paid a total of $608.37 toward our debt this month.

The accounting for our bills and such got a little wonky, due to B's workplace being switched from weekly to bi-weekly pay periods. In anticipation of an adjustment period, B switched all his weekly payments and reduced the overall amount being paid, except for his Auto Loan, which cannot be changed to bi-weekly.

We depleted the Xmas Account to purchase gifts for the holidays. We are almost completely done shopping, save a few small stocking stuffers left to go. We also depleted the planned spending as we needed some extra monies to help out with the groceries and stuff for the house.

Overall, we had a good month. Our debt didn't increase, but our assets did decrease some. I'm working at bringing more money into the house, and keeping down our expenses. I expect that the month of December will be all about writing down our goals for 2011 and doing a recap of what we have accomplished in 2010.

How did you do this month?

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