Friday, October 1, 2010

October monthly challenge

B and I went out for some fun last night. We met a friend, had a couple of drinks, and they sang some karaoke. We haven't had a regular entertainment portion of our budget in ages, so I thought we should include it so we can have some fun.

After we got home, we did some conversing about our priorities and what we hope to accomplish by the end of the year. We talked about taking that 'grown-up' vacation in about a years' time, after we have saved the money for it. I can't put all our priorities in a numbered list, as we will have to work on all of them at the same time, but there are some that will be given more focus every month.

For October, my monthly challenge will be to fully fund our XMAS fund. The goal for this one is to have $1100 in that account by months end. The amount needed to achieve this goal is $414.68. We have 30 full days to focus on this, so we *should* be able to reach this goal.

My second challenge this month is to prepare as much as I can for a baby shower I am co-hosting for my daughter, which is scheduled for November 21st. I'd like to have $500 set aside for this, to pay for food, favours, etc. Five hundred dollars may sound like alot, but the guest list is about 50 or so people. Is this too much? I doubt it, but I would rather have money left over than to not have saved enough.

Other things to work on this month:
- make 12 xmas gifts for friends and family
- open savings accounts for both the kids
- explore RESP options
- work on a payment plan for the retainer fee for lawyer

Last month, I challenged myself to find an additional $400 to reach a goal, and I did it. This month I am challenging myself to put away $914.68 for two goals. This may be stretching my limits, but I'm game to try.

I am totally stoked about October, as it is my favourite time of year. Halloween decorations for a month, and trick-or-treating top my list of things I'm most excited about this month.

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  1. Congrats on setting monthly goals and hitting them for last month. Even when you don't hit the goals, you probably came pretty close.