Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And this too shall pass

I've admitted before that I am a procrastinator. For the most part, I know what I should be doing to get ahead in life. Sometimes, though, I am just too weary to buckle down and do what needs to be done. Yet other times, I am like the rabbit instead of the tortoise, racing through my to do list, trying to reach the goal line so I can just sit and be me. Trying to even out my differences has been challenging, and in part I have you to thank.

Whoever the folks are who read this blog, are part of what keeps me going on a day to day basis. I don't ever want you to come here and see my blog without a new post for seven days or more. I know that I feel somehow cheated when the people whose blogs I read daily haven't posted in a couple of weeks. I've made a personal comittment to share my life journey with you all, one day at a time. Even when it seems mundane and pointless.

I know I'll have days that I don't feel like blogging because I'm too drained from whatever emotional toll that life has thrown at me. It usually never lasts to long though. I keep reminding myself that "This too shall pass". Whatever it is that puts me in a funk cannot last forever, at least not if I don't let it. The debt fatigue may set in, the feeling of being overwhelmed when things get tough, the continuous negativity I get from my ex, the feelings that I'm not really accomplishing anything all tend to give me stbacks in my life, and therefore in my writing.

I don't want those situations to have the power to rend me incapable of activity anymore. I want to be able to write truthfully and faithfully on a daily basis. Most days, I feel like no one cares what I write, and then a comment shows up from a reader and it gives me the encouragement I need to keep writing. Even when I have a crummy day or two. Your encouragement through comments are very valuable to me, and I just wanted to say thanks.


  1. I like your blog. It's on my daily read list along with several other personal finance blogs. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Anita. It's good to know that someone is reading my musings and thoughts, and they enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

  3. I'm here too. I try to post positive comments to help keep the momentum flowing in an upward direction. We are all trying so hard to make sense of a crazy financial world! Since finding your blog, I've been reading almost daily and have read your archived blog entries and I enjoy it, so keep it up!!! :D

  4. Thanks Makky's Mom! I appreciate you're being here and reading my blog. Sometimes it's hard to know if any of what we bloggers write actually reach anyone. Thanks for the comment!