Monday, October 4, 2010

Do you stop to pick up Pennies?

I was reading an article over at the other day, in which Money Man writes about a story of a friend who found a $5.00 bill. It was a cute story, which I won't tell the ending, because I'd like for you to head over to his site and read it for yourself. It was posted on September 21, 2010.

It got me to thinking about pennies. How many of them are out there, just sitting on the ground, waiting to be discovered?

Do you stop to pick up a penny? Or would you bother only if the coin was silver?

I personally almost always stop to pick up a penny I see laying on the ground. I will wipe it off if it's dirty, and put it in my pocket. It gets taken home, and dropped into the change jar along with all the other change that has accumulated over the month. At months end, I roll all the change and deposit into our EEE fund.

I can't say that the found pennies have amounted to very much. I probably only find about five cents worth in a given month. But that's five cents that I didn't have to work for, other than bending down to pick it up. Would that fall under putting other people's money to work for you to the extreme? Most likely! Ha ha ha!


  1. Yes, I pick up pennies, and any other coins I see laying around unclaimed. One day though, I saw a $5 bill sitting in a parking lot right outside a driver's door. I did not pick that one up because I believed the "owner" of the $5 would return to his car and see it and pick it up himself. It seemed obvious that it belonged to the owner of the car parked right beside the $5 bill.

    A friend of mine found two $20 bills in the library parking lot. She picked them up and took them in to the library, explaining that she'd found them in the parking lot. The librarian took her name/number and said that if no one returned for the money within the next couple of weeks, they would call her and the money would be hers. She was surprised when, 2 weeks later, the library called and told her to come and get the money - that no one came in looking for it so it was hers to keep! It thought that was a nice "feel good" story about honesty and being rewarded for it!

  2. Great story. Thanks for sharing it!