Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Money Monday

The next couple of weeks are going to rather busy, but I will do my best to keep posting ever weekday about our journey.

Today I have a date with our money. Prior to month's end, I like to gather all our bank statements, bills, debt statements, etc. and make a one page snapshot of where we are. This pretty much tells me where we stand financially. How many months of expenses we have in the EEE Account, how much debt is yet to be paid off, and how close we are to achieving our goals.

I start with our debts. If we owe any money to anybody, this is where it goes. They are all listed with the interest rate, how much we have paid in the last month and outstanding balance. Then I list our assets/savings accounts. Even though our planned spending accounts will be depleted in the future (like the Xmas Account), I put them here anyway. After this is calculated, I subtract our liabilities from our liquid assets, and get a monthly net worth. This number is still in the negative, much to my displeasure, but we are working on it. This month, due to a large tax bill, our net worth will have gone in the wrong direction. I'm hopeful that proper planning will keep this from happening again in future years.

I head to Toronto on Wednesday to meet with the owners of the business with whom I will be doing some contract work for. I'm very much looking forward to working with them, and bringing in more money to put toward our goals. On the same day, B has to take DS to an appointment at the metabolic clinic.

This weekend, DD1 and her boyfriend move into their new apartment. Actually, they get the keys on Monday, but have to be out of the current apartment on Sunday. I'll likely have to help them with renting a truck to put their things in overnight, as neither of them drive. With Sunday night being Halloween, I still have to take DD2 and DS out trick-or-treating.

It's election day, so I have to head out at some point and do my civic duty. I'm not as apathetic to politics as I once used to be, but I still feel sometimes like my vote hardly matters in the bigger scheme of things. DD1 has two doctors appointments this week that I promised to go to with her, and DD2 wants me to take her out shopping for some materials she needs for a class project. It looks like it will be a busy week for us.

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