Friday, September 17, 2010

Time for some de-cluttering

Last night, I took 3 garbage bags fulls of kids clothes and a box of stuff to a thrift store. I know I have more stuff to donate, but I have to work through our rooms first to find it first.

My sore throat and cough this week prevented me from getting much sleep, so I did spend some quiet time during the pre-dawn hours thinking about some things that need to be done. De-cluttering makes it to the top of the list everytime!

So in no particular order, here is what I hope to accomplish by the end of October:

1. Go through all of DS's toys and downgrade to only 1 bin in the livingroom. Donate all others to thrift store, setting aside only a few special things for when granbaby boy comes along.

2. Go through my closet and dresser and get rid of all clothing that no longer fits, or is no longer wearable.

3. Go through all storage in bedroom closets and purge.

4. Tackle DD2's room with her. Encourage donating anything and everything that no longer fits, is wanted or is liked.

5. Same with DS's bedroom.

6. Kitchen- clean and purge.

7. Add soil to the household plants.

That would effectively bring me to declutter every room in our apartment, including closets. I know that doing all of this prior to the holidays will help me feel less stress during that crazy, busy time. I hate having a cluttered house during Xmas.

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