Thursday, September 2, 2010

A funny thing happened at the mall last night

Since trying to reform my terrible shopping habits, I try to steer clear of the mall as much as possible. I am getting better at looking through stores, and appreciating the beautiful wares that are for sale, but not feeling that I *must* have everything that I like. I try to limit myself to only what I need.

Last night, B and I went out to look at a townhouse that was available for rent. It was nice, but a bit small, and not really something that we loved. We liked it ok, but it wasn't for us, even if it was in the right price range. We decided then to take a drive around the suburb that we want to live in, to see if anything else was available. There was a lot of discussion about what type of place we were willing to live in until we're out of debt, and more ready to look at buying a home of our own. We found an apartment building that we could agree on, within 5 minutes walking distance of mostly everything we needed. Now to find out if there is anything available in our price range.

After our drive, B asked me if I would go inside the mall with him, to give him an opinion on something. From a chat we had the other day, I already knew that the purchase he was contemplating was between $300- $500. Knowing how much he wanted a flat screen t.v., I just presumed we were going to look at more televisions. Boy, was I wrong!

I followed him into the jewellery store. I never thought that an engagement ring was what I was supposed to give him my opinion on. We spent about an hour looking at different rings, trying them on, etc. There was one I really loved,and B said I could wear it home. I told him,"No, I can't wear it home. I insist you do it the right way".
After a quick explanation, he agreed with my reasoning, put my shiny new thing in his pocket, and we went home.
He had our adult daughter and her boyfriend sit at the dining room table, with our 2 year old son, and got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!!
He was crying, our daughter was crying, I was crying. Even DD1's b/f remarked that he got all tingly in the eyes, and was glad to be witness to such a special moment.

And I thought we were going to buy a television!

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