Wednesday, September 29, 2010

End of September Update

I'm feeling pretty good about what we've acomplished this month. Even with my sporadic income, we managed to pay the bills, pay down the debt, and set some money aside. I still need to have a discussion with B about our BIG GOALS, how to best prioritize them, plan for them and then start implementing that plan.

Here are our September numbers:

Planned spending - added $91.75
Xmas Fund - added $220.83
Emergency fund - added $634.65
RRSP - added $449.59
General Savings - $20
Can. Saving Bond - added $175

$260 paid to Personal Loan
$200 paid to CC with 28% int. rate
$140 paid to CC with 0% int. rate
$255.05 paid to Auto Loan
$22.50 paid to HBC card with 28.8% int. rate

We put a total of $1591.82 into our various saving pots this month.
We paid a total of $877.55 toward our debt this month.

Of our ten original year end goals, two have been completed. We have more than $800 in our EEE fund, and we saved (and spent) $2000 for our summer vacation. I have to check back on the statements, but I'm fairly sure we have paid off more than $1000 of our $5600 credit card debt.

I'm about 50% complete on my RRSP goal, and over 50% complete for our XMAS account goal. These goals will be the main focus over the month of October.

Not yet completed/started:
$1000 buffer in chequing account.
$2000 in auto repair/replacement fund.
$3500 paid to lawyer.
Open savings accounts for the kids.

I added another goal for July of 2011: To have $2000 saved for 2 week cottage vacation in August, 2011.

Also added: To have $25,000 saved toward downpayment and other assorted costs of buying a house. Goal target date is April of 2015.

As for our goal of staying current with monthly bills, so far, so good. But we are heading into the leaner months so we will see how this plays out.

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