Monday, July 2, 2012

Updates and Such

I've spent the past couple of hours listening to Gail hand out judgement to her "Princesses" while I cooked me some dinner, tidied and vaccuumed the livingroom. It got me thinking. Gail always makes me think.

This morning, Hubby and I chatted a bit about how far we have come since we moved in here. I use the date of when we moved into this apartment as a gauge of our lowest point in our financial life. Hubby was telling me that he was getting discouraged, feeling down, feels like he's beating his head against the wall, and still not getting anywhere financially. I can totally understand how he feels, because I feel that way too lately. Although not for the same reason. He is at the point where he needs a 'vacation' from the daily drudgery, to recharge his batteries. He needs some time to decompress and realize once again why we are doing what we are doing. To help him stay on track with the plan.

I however need to remember how far we've come to help me focus on continuing to fight the good fight. I felt like I was having a heart attack the other day when I opened the mail and saw a bill for over $14,000. This is NOT consumer debt. This is bad planning on my part, and thus owing the CRA. I've been feeling discouraged because I feel like I've just traded my consumer debt for debt of another kind. Truthfully, this debt is not even close to the level of consumer debt alone that I had 4 years ago.

So we talked. We talked about 'his' credit card debt that was over $7 k four years ago, is now less than $700. His only other debt is a department store card (in his name only) that we owe about $900. He has no other debt anymore. Points for us! My consumer debt, which 4 years ago amounted to approximately, well, I'm not really sure how much, but I think it was about $30,000 is down to about $2500. Points for us again! So I am trying really super hard not to beat myself up over the $14,000.

On a really good note, Cub is almost completely potty trained. He finally 'got' the idea one day, and is now using the potty regularly with few accidents. I would love to be able to take him back to daycare on July 16th and tell his caregiver that he is fully trained. :)

We've booked the cottage in Ipperwash again for a week this summer, to get away. I'm so looking forward to getting away from my cellphone for a week. We're putting money aside for this 'vacation' and saving however we can to fund it.

Well, I'm off for now. Lots to do tonight before a busy week ahead.
Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

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  1. You have seriously improved the bottom line over the past few years though I can understand how opening a bill of that size would cast a pall over your success. Hang in there eboo and I'll be hoping for good weather for your much needed vacation!