Friday, July 20, 2012

You know that moment when....

... your hubby's cancelled credit card bills comes in (the one you having been paying down for years) and the balance is finally lower than your monthly phone/Internet/cable bill?

.... you wake up to the sound of rain and think, "It's about time, now I can finally do some baking!"?

.... you make your grocery shopping list and Pull-Ups isn't a permanent item anymore because your little person just 'decided' one day to start using the toilet?

... your monthly letter from the property management tells you you have a credit balance because you pay your rent in the month before it is due instead of always being a month behind?

... you get a thank you card from a client that has a $150 gift card inside for an hour long massage, spa facial and manicure at a day spa in your city?

... a co-worker from Toronto comes to assist for a day, and you get to show her the daily occurrence of deer roaming around the cemetery property to her utter amazement?

... you have your great-niece over to keep your daughter company and she reads one book per day while she's in your home? Kinda makes me proud and makes me wanna slap DD2 and say "See, that's how it's done!" LOL

...after almost six entire years, you finally sign the paperwork to serve the EX to start the ball rolling on finally getting a divorce? get enough free blueberries and strawberries to put down in the freezer that will last your family half the winter?

... your DH finally feels like we're making progress on a financial front instead of feeling like he's beating his head against the wall?


  1. those are some great moments!!!

  2. WOW, go you!! That's a whole plate of wonderful things

  3. Wonderful!! especially the divorce part! I'm still working on that one and it's been 10 years!!