Monday, July 16, 2012

I'll Just Make a Quick Stop at the Grocery Store

Hi everyone!

Saturday was the icing on the cake of the most horrible two weeks I have ever had at work. I think I worked something like 16 days in a row, most days being 12 hours or more. No wonder I hardly ever have time for blogging anymore. However, Saturday was the day to finally get some things done for our family. So on the way home, I stopped into the grocery store.

I try really super hard not to go food shopping on Saturdays. There are way too many people in the store, and I usually find all impolite ones near me, crashing into my cart (or worse my feet!) and stepping in front of me. That happened this time too, but I just wouldn't let myself be bothered by other people.

I only went in to get some milk, drink crystals and some mushrooms. While I was walking around, I had a peek on the reduced racks. I found two packages of sliced mushrooms reduced to 79 cents. Score! I decided to get a package of hot dogs and some buns as a backup meal for one of those crazy busy nights. I headed to the bakery reduced rack. I found a package of top-sliced Wonder hot dog buns with a 50% off sticker on it. Score again!

There was lots of stuff on this rack, so I took a quick look at everything else. To my amazement, there were packages of D'Italiano Brizzolio hamburg buns with that pretty 50% off sticker on them. A quick trip down to the main area to see what the regular price is. Aha! They're on sale for $1.99 a package, so my package is just $1. Then I see another, and another. Nine packages found in total at 50% off! Score again! These are the softest, nicest hamburg buns I have ever tried and I love them. To get them at that price was fate, I'm sure of it!

See, we head off to the cottage in a couple of weeks, and we eat a lot of barbecued hamburgs in the summertime. It's not like we're not going to use these, and they freeze beautifully. I'm trying to meal plan in advance here people. ;)

A quick trip to the meats section because you just never know what might be on sale that is unadvertised. I see pretty pink stickers! 30% off this time, on extra lean ground beef tubes, 1 pound size. How perfect!  $3.99 quickly becomes $2.79. See how easy it is to stock up on sale items? I only got 4 of these, although I easily could have taken them all.

At the cash register, I'm chatting with the cashier. She looks at my buns (the ones in the packages, sheesh!) and asks me if there are any of them left. I smile and say I don't think so because I cleared the shelf. Which is abnormal behaviour for me. She says, well, at least you're not one of those couponer types who brings in a hundred coupons, and price matches everything who clears off the shelves. I smile again and say, well, actually I am one of those couponer types, but I don't believe in clearing a shelf just because something is on sale.

Lucky for her I didn't have my coupon binder with me!

Have you found any great sales lately? Do you stockpile items that you know you'll use often?


  1. You scored big time!! I too shop the sales at the grocery store. If its not on sale it doesn't go in the buggy. I try to keep enough of each item to see us through to the next sale, LOTS of food storage in our home

  2. LUCKY YOU!! You are going to have a frugal eating week at the cottage!! It's not often I find a good sale on something I actually need or want!