Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coupon Swap Night

If you listen to BX 93 here in London, you may have heard of Coupon Christine , a local saving guru. Her website is full of freebies, deals, and printable coupons as well as a listing of places you can contact to get coupons for products. She hosts a Facebook group page that swaps coupons and deal info. And she's super nice!

Once per month, the group meets for a coupon swap, and typically a local group becomes their 'charity' for the month, getting donations of whatever it is that group needs.

Tonight is the June 2012 swap (held in the food court of Galleria/Citiplaza mall) and Keeping Kids Warm is the recipient of the generosity of this wonderful group of people.

Here is a compilation of items that I personally am donating to help make up the survivor bags:
gum, razors, hair products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deoderants, q-tips, combs, lady products, candy, healthy snack bar, shmpoo/conditioner samples.

Keeping Kids Warm is also gearing up to become a collector for Terracycle. We keep garbage out of the landfill, products are recycled or upcycled, and charities get cash! What a win-win-win situation!

I gotta run. Tons to do today. Have a great day everyone!


  1. You truly have a heart of Gold!!!! :) You do so much for charities & others! I'm blessed to be able to call you a "friend"! :)