Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rant of the Week

Last week, I had a dental appointment for some cleaning. The dentist (which was not my regular one) told me that I would have to have some work done, including a root canal, probably two crowns and a few small fillings done. I had another consultation appointment with my own dentist to come up with a treatment plan for the root canal and other work. At the same time, my daughter had an appointment for a cleaning.

The problems started when I tried to book further appointments for beginning treatment. The dental office wants to send an estimate in to the Insurance Company. My hubby has Insurance Benefits through his place of employment. Or does he?

The company he works for was bought out by another company and an entire re haul of the whole company ensued. Not surprising in these economic times. They have a union, and a contract with the new employer, so all should be going well. For whatever reason, the company has switched insurance providers for the benefits of the employees.

It's my understanding that when a typical switch like that happens, the new provider usually has a 3 month waiting or qualifying period before benefits come into effect. An employer will usually keep the current policy in effect until the new one comes into force, causing a bit of an overlap period where the employees are covered by both policies.

Perhaps not so in this case.

In the past month, I have had dental work done that has yet to be paid for, and I had to pay the full amount for a prescription that I need, to the tune of $120. Why? Because my husband's employer does not yet have a group policy number with the new insurer. All the supervisors or senior people at the warehouse where he works have is the company name of the new insurer. Over a month ago, my husband filled out the enrollment form for the new insurance, but we haven't yet been given a wallet card or anything.

Without this information, I cannot get my dental work done, my son won't be getting his teeth cleaned, and I will have to pay out of pocket for any prescriptions we get until this is resolved.

Including the much needed Epi-pen for my husband who is severely allergic to bee stings. (In case you haven't noticed, it is summer, and there are bees everywhere!) These pens could easily set us back $400 - $500.

I find it irresponsible of both the Insurer and the company to have cancelled the old insurance until all was set in place for the new policy, and for not having the information available to the employees in a timely manner. If I don't have a policy number to give my health care providers by the end of the week, I will be getting my hubby's Union involved. What they are doing is not right. By any one's standards.

On to better things. I am working the rest of the week, including a day out of town, so I may not be around much. But it will be good for the bank account, because I will be able to start putting money back into the account we 'borrowed' from to pay for the legal retainer.

I will be drawing for the candles on Saturday. Make sure you leave a comment there as your entry.
Hope you have a great week.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dental/perscription coverage dilemma. It's HARD to keep up with that "behind the scenes" stuff that you don't know about until you need it, and don't have it. Super classy on their part (not). My husband and I do not have ANY sort of dental/medical coverage at all, because we both work for small businesses (mine has 3, his has about 12). We're okay for now, because we're young and relatively healthy, but I wear glasses and have the teeth of a 60-year-old, and he has Crohn's disease, so we're like a time-bomb of costly problems.... and you know it'll all happen at the same time.

    I hope your insurance provider/union sort themselves out before you have to pay out much more.

  2. oh wow - that sounds all really complicated! I'm so sorry to hear it and hope that everything gets worked out quickly!

  3. We'd be so screwed if something like that happened to us. We have several on-going prescriptions for 3 of the 5 of us... and recently it's been visiting the pharmacist with prescription needs weekly! I'd hate to have to pay out of pocket for all our medication needs.

  4. I don't really understand Canadian health insurance but that juist seems really off. Is there anybody that he can contact at his company to check into it?

  5. Hope you can get everything figured out!! I had no idea that epi-pens were so much! I thought they were $100/pop! Ouch!