Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Goals

Last month I only made two goals, to contact Bell mobility about lowering my cellphone account and to have $1000 in our Emergency fund.

I did contact Bell Mobility, and we don't qualify for new phones for a couple of months yet, so I won't be doing anything just yet. I'll renew the contract for a lower monthly amount when we can get new phones. Except that they don't have any phones that I like. They are all touch screen thingies. I do not want to move forward with the times with my cellphone.

As for the E-Fund, I fail. We did put money in it, to the tune of about $200, but not near having the $1000 baby emergency fund.

So my goal for July will be to snowflake/blizzard the heck out of the E-Fund!

One goal, one focus, one purpose. To get $800 into the account dedicated for emergencies.

I have an envelope in my purse that is marked for these snowflakes. I am going to aim to put $5 per day into this envelope, or transfer $5 per day via Internet banking. If I can only do $5 per day, it will take 160 days to hit the $1000 mark, or about 5 months. I'm going to do it this way because I've noticed if I aim for big numbers, I lose focus. If I aim for smaller number over a period of time, I get impatient, and end up doing more than what I'm aiming for.

$5 a day. We can do that.

July 2nd: $5/$800


  1. You can do it! They will absolutely add up.

  2. Great plan!! :) we have a touch screen phone and it IS a pain in the butt! We just have a basic cell phone plan for $28 and I think we overpay for how much we use it, but it's the cheapest plan they have.

  3. good plan simple but effective!

  4. $5.00 do add up! I have been collecting them for a while and already have $300.00!