Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Been Two Years...

Emergency Fund Daily Savings

July 13th: $60 / $800
July 14th: $65 / $800

Can you believe it? It's been two whole years since I started blogging. At the very first, my posts were very few and far between. I started blogging in earnest about a year ago. Since that time, we have stayed focused on our debt repayment, enjoyed the addition of a granchild to our family, had an incredible trip out East, learned new skills, suffered through corporate downsizing, the loss of employment, gained new employment opportunities and have become more cohesive as a family unit.

I was up early enough this morning to make two batches of candles before Cub woke up. Today I made Apple scented container candles in Apple shaped glass jars. I had enough wax leftover to make some tealights also. I'm thinking that I might do a giveaway of some assorted scented tealights later on this month.

I have been working on some plastic canvas projects that aren't quite finished yet, but I'm hoping to take some pictures to show you what I made.

All is well on the financial front, and I'm doing some extra work this week again. Yay for additional income! When the cheques come in, hopefully I can add a lump sum deposit to the Emergency fund.

Do you craft/make/sew/knit anything? How much money do you alot to your budget for crafting?

P.S. Carla, if you're reading this, can you send me an e-mail please? I would like to ask you about making a gift for my DD2 for Christmas, and I cannot find your e-mail address anywhere!


  1. oh Happy Blog o versary to you!! Thanks for all the great reading!

  2. April, sounds like things are good!Be on the look out for a parcel in the next few weeks!

  3. Congrats on 2 yrs! That's awesome! :)

    The Apple candles sound adorable!!

    I scrapbook, card make, sew, cross-stitch, etc... I currently have no budget for crafting because we're working with a new budget. When our August budget kicks in I'm *hoping* to be able to give hubby & I an allowance of around $40/month. We shall see... I also have a good sized stash of scrap supplies & fabric now. So my "needs" are very little. I'm trying to sell off some scrap stuff & downsize my stash! ;)

    Ps - Always read your blog & I'll email you! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    I don't craft for money....mostly because I don't have time to do orders. I make beaded sachets.

    Do you have an etsy store?? I am always on the hunt for teacher gifts!

  5. Happy Anniversary! That's wonderful :)