Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Emergency Fund Daily Savings
July 4th: $15/$800
July 5th: $20/$800

Hubby and I talked last night about how the purchase of the barbecue is going to keep our 'eating out' expenses down. Way down, in fact. As an experiment, hubby made dinner last night, to see how we could eat like we were spending tons of money, without spending tons of money. We had grilled steaks, with a shrimp and blue cheese topping, baked potatoes, broccoli and a bottle of wine. Total cost was less than $35. For a comparable meal in a restaurant, the cost would be in the $80 - $125 range. I think we're both sold on the idea. We won't be eating like this every night, but as a treat, I think it's still a good way to keep our costs down. Our typical meals will be much less expensive.

Now that Canada Post is back to delivering the mail, I'm likely going to get the statements and bills that were missing when I did the end of the month report for June. Instead of going back and re-jigging the numbers, I'll just adjust them at the end of the month report for July. Since I've ordered things online, I hope they're back up to speed and will get my goodies in the mail shortly.

I'm likely going to spend most of the day today making some candles, stitching some plastic canvas and maybe even going for a swim, if the pool is open. Today is going to be a wonderful day.


  1. Buying meat on sale will save you a bundle too! :) Enjoy your BBQ & your day!!

  2. That sounds like a delicious dinner that you grilled. We use our BBQ a lot in the summer, maybe even 3 or 4 nights per week.