Friday, July 22, 2011

A Few New Savings Goals

Emergency Fund Daily Savings    July 22nd: $131 / $800

I've been thinking for a few months about some gadgets for work that will make my job a bit easier. I've done some research, and pretend shopped, and asked a lot of questions.

A laptop with a good sized screen and Internet access will be most helpful when I'm helping client families with arrangements. Having a laptop/notebook computer will also be useful for keeping my travel information up to date for my reports. As best as I can figure out, this gadget will set me back in the neighborhood of $500. (I don't need the laptop that can play movies, I just need to be able to access a couple of web pages.) To have the Internet stick with it will cost another $30/month on a contract. Ugh. So that's $360 for a year. New goal: save $1000 for new work gadgets. The benefit is, I can write these babies off as business expenses.

The other work related expense that will be coming sometime in the next year is to replace a very important piece of equipment that I use. It's not high-tech or anything like that, but without this equipment, I cannot do my job effectively. Or at all. With HST, I'm looking at $2700. It will, however last me probably another 15 years. Another expense that I can write off though once I've purchased the equipment.

Where am I going to find $3700 for these items?

I'm not sure, but I know that I need to find it.

I'll apply some of the saving strategies that I already use for other things. Save up my change, put a percentage of my business income toward it, transfer an equal amount of money spent on splurge items, etc. I can do this a dime at a time if I have to.


  1. You can definitely find a great laptop for around $500, especially if you buy when the "Back to School" sales are on! :)

  2. I LOVE your determination. Slow and steady, you can do it!