Friday, December 17, 2010

The Direction of My Blog

I read several blogs daily. I like taking a peek into the lives of others, some of whom I know personally, most of whom I don't. Lately, several boggers have talked about what they think their blog should be about, and if they should change things up a bit.

Since I started writing this blog, I've had a couple of false starts. I'd write a post or two, then not write anything for a long time. Some days I would sit in front of the computer screen, and have no idea what to write.To help combat this, I have a monthly list of possible blog titles that I can wrtie about. I just pick one in the morning, and started banging away on the keyboard.

Lately though, I keep thinking that all 4 of you regular readers are probably getting bored of reading about my boring life. Ok, not boring, but it is non-exciting. I've reached out to other bloggers in an attempt to get some fresh ideas of things I could write about, and for more readers. Not sure that it's working so much, but I am trying.

This blog is part personal finance, part frugal living, part regular day to day life for Auntie Eboo. I can't talk about my work too much, and that's most of what I think is important in my life. I can talk about my kids, but I get creeped out about the idea of some weirdo reading about my lovely children. Am I losing my sense of direction with my blog, or did I even have one in the first place?
Please let me know what you think. I need some help in deciding what to write about. Let me know what you like to read, or don't like.


  1. Personally, a blog for me is a diary I can hash out some of the mental speak running around in my head, get advice when it's needed and generally leave a record of my life for someone to get inspired by and start changing theirs.

    Part Personal Finance, Part Frugal Living, part life sounds like a perfect direction to me. People are always looking for a new idea in the Personal Finance/Frugal Living sector and love reading someone else's take on the same old thing. It's a relatable thing I think.

    Just because you can't talk about work too much shouldn't hinder your ability to vent when needed or puzzle through some things. Many other PF bloggers don't talk about the details of work but when there's an issue, find a way to get it out there for help without hashing through details - in an effort to keep it all private and such.

    I love reading about your life journey - which I why a lot of people are reading anonymously here I think. Regular commentors isn't an indication of regular readers I've found.

    I say keep on the path that suits you most - which is the one you share with us here. How you change it up from time to time is subject to how you are feeling and what is influencing you the day you sit to write.

    I love what you do, how you do it, and the content you share here. Keep building your path, one stone at a time.

  2. For me and my own blog, I try to keep the blog focused mainly on financial things, though I do stray now and then to touch on other important things in my life.

    When I read someone else's blog, I like to read about their finances and financial decisions, but as I get to know people, I also enjoy reading about ways they've found to my frugal, and I also enjoy hearing about their personal lives too, though if that was all the blog was about, I'd probably search for blogs that cover more money related topics.

    As a PF blogger myself, I find it challenging to think of money related things to blog about so I hear where you are coming from - some days I sit in front of the computer screen and don't know what to write either.

    Talking about my family is something I try to keep to a minimum, like you I get freaked out by the idea of strangers knowing too much about my kids. I'm amazed that some bloggers post tons of pictures of their little ones, including information about where they live. You won't ever see a "close up" picture of my kids' faces, for security reasons, nor do I ever include their names. Heck, my screen name "Makky's Mom" - I don't even have a child named "Makky", LOL!

    So anyway, all that to say that I think your blog is interesting and inspiring, not just in money matters but in life matters too. I think you are doing a great job with your blog and you might have a lot more readers than you think. Some just lurk and rarely post comments.

    I enjoy your blog just the way it is!!! :)

  3. OK, I'll admit I'm a lurker. As a matter of fact, I lurk in the shadows of a number of blogs that cover a wide range of topics. The reason I read blogs is to a) affirm that other people are dealing with the same day-to-day challenges as I am and b) get some advice and inspiration as to how I should deal with them. I know the facts about financial health--I want to know how people apply those facts to their lives! Now that I'm a reluctant freelancer, it's helpful to read how you manage with uncertain income. I hope you keep blogging, because I want to keep reading!

  4. Honestly, I love reading blogs that I can relate to the most. While I read a lot of blogs by young 20 somethings with no kids, etc... I prefer reading blogs of women closer to my age with kids, a family, on frugalty, life, anything & everything really. Just "real" stuff! :) My blog is like yours too... I just ramble most days and figure if people want to read they will. lol! Somedays I get no comments and think what's the point, but then when I go for long periods without blogging, I get emails and comments as to where I am. lol!! So I think some just like to "lurk". I say do what you're comfortable with and let the pieces fall where they may so to speak!