Thursday, December 2, 2010

$100 Challenge on Saturday

A London Free Press article I read got me thinking about ways to help others in the coming months. Winter can be harsh here in London, especially if you're homeless. (read the article here: )
At one point in my youth, I spent some time living in a shelter, because I had no where else to go (or, at least, I thought I didn't). At another point in my life, I was in a shelter with an infant. It wasn't a great experience, but the folks there sure helped me get my life on track. The kindness and generosity of strangers is what helped me to get back on my feet, find some direction in life, and allowed me to keep some of my dignity.

On Saturday, I will be joining several other Londoners at Jim Bob Ray's on Richmond Street, at noon, to help out with the $100 Challenge. If you have Facebook (and who doesn't anymore?), hop on over to their page (found here: or the world wide page ( found here: ) to see what folks are doing.

This is a grassroots movement started right here in London, Ontario! Let's get behind something that promises to be a big event, that can impact literally thousands of people right here in our own hometown. I haven't felt so passionate about a single charity event in a very long time. As it is the season of giving, what can you give to help others? How creative can you become?

I understand that $100 would be a lot for some folks to just give away. But if you can help in any way, maybe with $20, coupled with someone else's $20, that's $40 of good that can find its way into our beloved Forest City

What can you do? Take the challenge. This is starting to spread to other cities, and other countries. Even if you're not in London, you can still take part. Sign up on the Facebook page, and then go back after to tell of your experiences after the challenge.

The charity I work with, Keeping Kids Warm, will be meeting at the Western Fair Farmer's Market, 500 King Street, at 11 am - 3 pm, on Saturday December 4, 2010.
We will be accepting donations of gently used or new coats and sweaters to distribute to persons in need.
We will also be distributing FREE coffee to everyone, coutesy of Fire Roasted Coffee Co.
If you are in need, or know someone who is, please join us that day. You can take what you need, no charge.
Help us to make this day a great event!

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