Thursday, December 30, 2010

100 Things That Make Me Happy

These are in random order. I wrote them down as I thought of them.

100. A good song on the radio. I spend a lot of time in my vehicle for work purposes, so when a really good song comes on, other drivers see me singing away and bouncing around in my seat.

99. Facebook; for a multitude of reasons, including reconnecting with family and friends I've lost touch with and playing games.

98. Plain, old fashioned doughnuts from Tim Horton's, heated up. Yum!

97. Hearing my son learn a new word. His speech isn't perfected yet, so he often mispronounces words. It's cute.

96. A good cup of coffee.

95. Knitting things for loved ones, friends and strangers.

94. A blank journal, waiting for me to write in it.

93. Getting a hug from a client family after I've helped them after the death of a loved one.

92. Getting an actual letter in the mail. This hardly happens anymore, and I love to read letters from friends and family.

91. Blogging. Being able to sort out my thoughts about my life journey and sharing them here with you really is a wonderful thing.

90. Sushi. A healthy, good tasting foodstuff that I am going to learn to make on my own.

89. Dancing in the kitchen with my little boy.

87. Getting a back massage from my spouse.

86. Giving a back massage to my spouse.

85. Long, hot baths.

84. Hearing my little girl sing a new song she's learning, and knowing the words when she forgets.

83. Taking my daughter and son to the library.

82. Having a warm, clean home.

81. My expensive pillowtop mattress.

80. Being in a profession that makes me feel like I'm making a difference to someone.

79. Yarn shops. All those colourful displays of different types of yarn are beautiful to see, and hold so much potential.

78. Picking up a new book and getting lost in the story.

77. Hearing my little boy ask for oatmeal or any other food. With his medical condition, his diet is very important to his overall health.

76. Getting an unexpected text message from my friend who just wanted to say Good Morning.

75. Learning how to deal with our money so that we no longer worry and stress about financial matters.

74. Remembering good times with my Mom, my Dad, or my Father.

73. Icing fights during a family birthday party.

72. When my eldest daughter has us over to her apartment, and makes us dinner.

71. Hearing my children's friends say, "You've got the coolest Mom ever!".

70. When my little boy sleeps in, giving me some time to myself in the mornings.

69. Having a spouse who understands the nature of my work, and knows that I sometimes have to make it a priority.

68. Making doughnuts from my grandmother's recipe, written in my mother's handwriting.

67. Knowing that my life experiences make me a unique individual. Not many other people my age have firsthand knowledge of what moving an outhouse entails.

66. Medical advancement and research that allowed us to know about our son's medical condition so that it can be managed, instead of losing him.

65. My spouse's grandmother, who will be 91 in January. She still lives in her own home, and has family over every Sunday for a meal.

64. The internet. Being able to 'google' something that I want to learn about or learn how to do.

63. Fellow bloggers. Reading about the lives of others with whom I share interests, and some I don't, make my day.

62. Our best friends, A & P, who are a great couple. It's a rare thing to find two couples who are able to interact with one another in the way that the four of us can.

61. Becoming a grandmother. (Almost.)

60. Air conditioning, when it is unbearably hot in the summer.

59. My neices, nephews, great-neices, and great-nephews. They make my life more interesting.

58. The smell of fresh baked bread coming from the breadmaker.

57. Having my spouse come home early from work and bring me a coffe from Timmie's.

56. Looking through pictures from years past.

55. Knowing that my eldest daughter, although an adult, still needs me in her life, for advice and guidance.

54. Being a business owner, making me my own boss, sort of.

53. Planning a trip to somewhere warm in February.

52. Getting kisses and hugs from my little boy without any prompting.

51. Memories from our trip to Prince Edward Island this past summer.

50. Making homemade tacos with my youngest daughter.

49. After having made a home-cooked meal, hearing someone say,: "That was the best meal ever!"

48. Doing word find puzzles with my daughter.

47. Rereading a favourite book.

46. Finding new ways to spend less on the things we normally buy.

45. Making and meeting goals for myself, my family and my finances.

46. Seeing our debt going down in amount.

45. Reconnecting with family that I haven't talked to in awhile.

44. Watching my two youngest playing around in a bubble bath.

43. Clearing my desk of items that need my attention, giving me room to breathe and just be in my work space.

42. Planning ahead for meals using the oven or crockpot, that are not too labour intensive, making less work for myself on busier days.

41. Staying up late into the night, reading, blogging, and enjoying the quiet.

40. Being available to a certain friend, when that person ahs no one else to talk to about the struggles they are having.

39. Getting impromptu hugs from my kids.

38. Stockpiling (on a very small scale) items on sale to get us through until the next sale cycle.

37. Zombie movies and books.

36. Stephen King novels. I am collecting them all.

35. Scented dishsoap.

34. Feeling confident in myself enough to voice my own opinion.

33. Walking through the parks in nice weather, feeding ducks and geese with my family.

32. Chocolate Orange body wash.

31. Feather down duvet and pillows that make my bed the most comfy spot in my home.

30. Coming home to a tidied house when my MIL watches the little guy when I have to work.

29. Knowing that my arthritis has not advanced enough yet to limit my mobility.

28. Chocolate.

27. Having a college education, which opened many opportunities I might not otherwise have.

26. When electronic devices actually work for me.

25. Writing the occassional fiction story that pops into my head.

24. Finding personal finance books at the thrift store and being able to buy them at a fraction of their original price.

23. Listening to the Oshweken radio station on my tv during the hour that they play traditional Smokedance music.

22. Seeing how my business has evolved over the last five years, and facing the future with new opportunities.

21. Reading Gail Vaz-Oxlade's blog daily helping me to keep focused on what I want to achieve financially.

20. Having conversations that don't revolve around death, with people I just met.

19. Trying a new food or meal that I have never had before.

18. Having a spouse who understands me, and loves me in spite (or maybe because of) my little quirks.

17. The teller at the bank I deal with, who automatically finds the crispest bills, and puts them in order, from largest to smallest, with all the heads facing the same way, for me. And giggles while she does it, knowing that if she doesn't, I'll huff and puff while I do it myself.

16. My doodle-thug. (My nickname for my youngest daughter.)

15. My Clone. (My nickname for my oldest daughter.)

14. My Bug-less. (My nickname for my son.)

13. Knowing that through hard work and diligence, my hubby and I were able to keep us from filing for bankruptcy, from being homeless, and from the unimaginable horrors that would accompany those circumstances.

12. Holding a newborn baby, and inhaling the unique smell that one has.

11. Being part of a knitting class/group. Sharing and learning together with some fantastic women.

10. Volunteering. Giving of myself to others who are in need makes me feel good.

9. Doing a random act of kindness, like paying for the coffee of the person in line behind me at the drive-thru at Tim Horton's.

8. Watching someone's face light up when they open up a gift that I've made for them.

7. Having the ability and means to help others in my family.

6. Knowing every teller by first name at the bank branch that I deal with frequently.

5. Treating myself with a pedicure and waxing.

4. The feeling of accomplishment and pride for a job well done.

3. Worry-free days.

2. My hubby. I love him more than I could ever express in words.

1. Having my family close, and just enjoying their company.


  1. What a wonderful way to see out the new year. A reflective list of things to be happy for.

  2. What a great list!! I enjoyed reading it! :) Tomorrow i'm hoping to be thankfuly for a good nights rest! lol!!