Sunday, February 3, 2013

Putting the Plan Into Action

Now that I've had some time to internalise everything that has happened last week, I'm ready to start putting our Action Plan into place. Hubby and I have talked and talked about what we can do to keep things on an even keel around here until I find somthing else to bring in an income. The way I figure it, we will have a reduced income until February 28th, and then after that, who knows? There is so much that is unknown and to tell you the truth, I'm a little bit scared. But now is the time to really prioritise what is important to us and what is just 'nice to have'. Even when we had gobs and gobs of debt, I wasn't as willing to let go of things as I am now. Knowing that there is *some* money in the bank to see us through is certainly helping me to sleep at night.

Here's a list of actions I'll be taking to reduce our expenditures:
  • go to the bank and temporarily stop RRSP, RESP and House downpayment contributions.
  • calling cellphone provider and reducing plans to something more affordable.
  • make a freezer and cupboard inventory; we need to eat what we have to reduce grocery costs.
  • inventory items that can be sold to list on Kijijii and other sites.
  • list items on Kijijii; have already started with two.
As for looking for other work, I have an appointment on Wednesday to get some help from an employment counsellor. Also, I had an unexpected tip on a possible job lead kind of within my field, but not quite. However, I will be in contact with them to see if they are interested in hiring me. Fingers crossed.

I'll be going over my invoicing tomorrow to see how much money that I am owed from various companies, as well as making sure that I pay any outstanding invoices from my business. I'd like to get as close to a clean slate as I can, before we start feeling the pinch of living on one income.


  1. You are doing a great job staying ahead of the curve. Good luck! And your plans to cut back are good too.

  2. Good Luck with your Great planning!! Fingers Crossed :))

  3. Good stuff!! Looks like you have all your i's dotted and t's crossed!! Hope things hold out well for you and you're able to find work sooner than later!