Thursday, February 7, 2013

Breathing a Bit Easier

Today was my final pay from the company. It's direct deposit, and I was sent a notification yesterday as to how much it would be. I still have a few outstanding financial things with them, but at least this part is done.

I logged onto my online banking and immediately paid our rent for March 2013. I know it's really early, but I don't want to have to worry about where the rent money is coming from. I quickly dropped another $200 into our Emergency Fund, which now sits at $600. I'm hoping to make it through the next couple of months without touching it.

I've still been adding to my Sealed Pot, although I don't know for how much longer I will able to. My savings booster challenge is a fabulous idea, except when your income is cut in half. At least that's what I figure I will get from EI. Nothing is in stone though.

I can breathe a bit easier now, knowing that we will still have a roof over our head.
Maybe I can relax enough to knit tonight. Maybe upload some pictures for you all. :)


  1. Good planning ahead. Knitting is calming is it not?

  2. Wishing you best of luck as you determine you rnext steps!

  3. Great planning paying the rent ahead of time. Will you be able to collect unemployment? Hopefully you will be able to find something quickly

  4. Have been reading up on your recent posts to get caught up. I'm so sorry to hear about your job loss April. And the way it happened? So unprofessional and demeaning to you personally - I just can't believe how they treated you, but that's water under the bridge now. Sometimes people have a job loss and then discover what they were truly meant to do - I hope that is the case with you. I wish you nothing but good luck and a happy future - I know you will meet this challenge with grace and fortitude.

  5. I don't blame you, i'd have done the same!! The sealed pot can be your "just in case" for now.... it'll be handy if you need to dig into it!