Saturday, February 2, 2013

How I Wish To Do This!

As a knitter, I am very reluctant to join a Knit-Along because usually they entail fancy patterns that are a little out of my league, or the end product is just too ambitious for the basic knitting techniques that I know. However, this one, the Temperature Scarf Crochet-Along and Knit-Along could just be the thing for me!

Using these eight colours only might be a bit tricky, as here, sometimes our temperatures vary widely from day to day. I'll have to take a look through the stash to see what I can come up with that will be close to these colours. I like the idea of using the 'feels like' temperature to determine the days colour.
(Using my idea, I need to have 16 differing colours and a border colour.)

One other great thing about this is that I only have to knit two rows per day, on average. Some days it will be 6 rows, as one should add four rows of the border colour when the month changes. I could take pictures and upload how the scarf looks every month. :) How's that for ambitious? LOL.

The idea was inspired by this blog posting and now there are lots of folks around the world knitting and crocheting the same thing. Well, sort of. Anyhoo...I'm off to dig through the stash to see what I can find. I have to at least cast on today. I'm already behind in the pattern. Good thing I only have to make up 9 little rows.

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  1. Oh that's so neat!! You should totally join in! Give yourself some credit my friend! :)