Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sealed Pot Sunday

For twelve months, December 2012 to December 2013, I will take part in the Sealed Pot Challenge. My family, but mostly myself, will be putting bits and bobs of money into my sealed pot, which will be used at some point in the future for my hubby and I to go away on an adult vacation to somewhere warm. On Sundays, I will be tracking my progress to help me keep focused on my goal, which will help me to keep my hands out of the tin.

There are now 75 participants taking part in SFT's Sealed Pot Challenge!

This week I am proud to have achieved:

This week I know I added some paper money along with the change that accumulated in my little change purse. I've been diligent about stealing the pennies from the console in the van as well as the odd nickel and dime. This is where Hubby puts his small change from coffee purchases throughout the week. By doing this, he is unknowingly contributing to our future vacation, lol.
Next week I hope to:
Next week, I will aim to consciously not spend on something, in order to add that dollar amount to our sealed pot. It likely will just be an intended coffee and donut purchase, but every little bit will add up to some fun in the sun.
Which country are you from?
I'm proud to say I'm Canadian.
I'm really hoping to add a reimbursement cheque that I'm owed from an overpayment when I paid off the balance owing to an old credit card account. It's over $100 and will make a nice boost to the vacation savings. I have some other irregular income amounts coming in, but those will be going toward other savings goals like the Emergency Fund, RRSPs and RESP.
Have you thought about your financial goals for 2013 yet?


  1. Lots of plans in 2013. Our big goals are to pay off a sizable chunk of mortgage interest and also complete refinance our mortgages to drive down the interest rates. By doing both of these, we should be able to make big progress on our outgoing monthly interest payments!

  2. I am hoping to eliminate my credit card debt! Here are my goals for 2013!

  3. Again, I'm sorry I missed this post.

    Congrats on a great week. What a nice hubby you have!

    Sft x