Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sealed Pot Challenge

Thanks to SFT for being the gracious host of the Sealed Pot Challenge, where you seal a tin or pot or container of some kind, add your small change, some bills, or financial snowflakes for one year, and then use it for something you want or need.

I'm horrendous at making a decision on almost anything that is not work related so I've flipped and flopped on my decision on what to do with our money.

At first, I thought buying meat to fill the freezer would be a good plan for it. Then I thought that putting it toward my RRSP would be a good idea as well. Then I thought that we should do something fun with it, like spend it on a getaway to somewhere warm.

Sigh. There are so many good things to do with this money. So I'm putting half of the tin's contents toward my RRSP, and the other half will purchase meat for the freezer. The getaway to somewhere warm will have to wait until next year, which I will start saving for the instant I'm finished counting up the 2012 Tin amount.

So, here is the grand total of our 2012 Sealed Pot:

$200.00 !!!
There were some coins left in each denomination left over except for twoonies. I've left these extra coins in the tin to start of the 2013 savings with something. :)
So, have you all opened your tins or pots? If you took part in this challenge, leave your link to your post about the results please.


  1. My sealed pot is still sealed. I'm hoping to get between $200-300. We will open it and count it on New Year's Eve, and I will DEFINITELY be sharing our amount during the first week of January.
    Congrat's on our $200. Every dollar helps when it comes to saving!

  2. No sealed pot for us, but love the idea of splitting it between your RRSP & stocking the freezer!

  3. You did great!
    I only got to $117.50 but then again, we don't have dollar or $2 coins down here in the States. ;-)