Sunday, January 13, 2013

During the past week

  • we drove to Etobicoke to have our 'Money Rules' book autographed by Gail Vaz - Oxlade.
  • paid off the balance on the credit card for the month
  • went to the bank to see Suzy, and get her to set up (and fix) monthly and bi-weekly transfers to RRSP, RESP and Down payment fund
  • drove to Sarnia, Ontario and back for work
  • jumped ahead on my 52 Week Savings Challenge and got all the deposits for January done
  • went back to the bank and got accounts set up for Hubby so both of us will have access to everything (in preparation of him closing his TD accounts)
  • took the plunge and added Hubby as joint on all my accounts, and he added me on his
  • kept kids home from school Friday, even though it wasn't until 8 a.m. that I knew for certain that schools were open ((Elementary teachers strike/walk-outs and/or protests)
  • managed to get two loads of laundry done (folded even!)
  • went to Windsor, Ontario to see Bill Engvall do his stand-up routine
  • spent the night at Ceasars Windsor casino and spent time with our best friends
  • DD2 went to the first rehearsal/group meeting with Western Young Winds program
  • DD1 went and enrolled in adult education classes (a step toward getting her HS diploma)
  • I walked with Cub to school 4/5 days this week
  • I spent some time knitting my cowl (need more of this!)
  • spent lots of time with Hubby talking about the budget - savings goals and bills

I think I'll spend the day at home today, doing more laundry and maybe venturing as far as the grocery store. It's been a busy but productive week. I'm going to aim for 4 blog posts this week, other than this one.

How was your week?


  1. Great job on your "52 weeks" of savings! Sounds like a great week! :)

  2. Awesome job Eboo! Sounds like it was busy but productive!

    1. Extemely busy, yes, and very productive, thanks. :)

  3. sooo envious you got to meet Gail :-) You are one busy lady.

    1. We have made a trek to see Gail at least once per year for the last 4 years. Most definitely worth the cost of gas. :)

    2. so jealous! Havent been to see her in a few years...did you give her a hug for us too? I wouldnt be where I am without her as a great inspiration!! :)

  4. Thanks for your comment over at North of Wiarton! Nice to see someone else is also doing the 52 Week Money Savings Challenge... that is great !

    "Just Me"

  5. Love Cowls. I made them for the girls friends this year and I can tell you people will be getting them for birthdays and Christmas in this coming year

  6. I'm curious to know which total you were aiming to put in the sealed pot this week.

    Sft x

    1. I was aiming for $3 (week 2 of the challenge) but I added $3, $4 and $52 (weeks 2,3 and 4).
      That will give me some breathing room should one week somewhere down the line I am unable to add to the pot.