Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sealed Pot Sunday - 30/12/12

Here are just a few of the times I added to our sealed pot:

  • DH gave me money for taxicab fare. I added the 2 X $5 from the change to our pot.
  • I've been sneaking the pennies, nickles and dimes from the van.
  • I emptied all the change (minus 1 each of quarter, dollar coin and two dollar coin) from my changepurse to add to the pot.There was also twenty-seven cents that I've found over outside over the last couple of days.

I know over the first few months of the year, I will be adding to the pot less and working on other goals more, so I'm making a conscious effort to add a little something every week, regardless of the amount.

I've decided to not keep track or count how much I'm adding weekly. If I know how much is in the tin, I may decide to raid it in a moment of insanity (and I have many of those) thus defeating the purpose of seeing how much I can pull from my spending for saving.

Do you have any specific ways you are saving for your sealed pot?

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  1. Hi

    So sorry I missed this post before.

    Love what you've added this week.

    Great ideas and momentum.

    Sft x