Saturday, September 1, 2012

All the Little Things

This past week I've spent some money buying a few things for Cub because he's about to start school! He starts Junior Kindergarten on the 7th of September. I can't wait! I'm a jumble of emotions over this; excited that he's going to big kid school, but a bit sad that my baby growing up on me. He needed some things, like a new pair of running shoes (a tradition in our family), and some containers for his lunches. The school he will be attending has an all day, everyday program. What a relief it will be to our budget to not have to shell out childcare expenses anymore. I do not regret one dime that I have paid to our childcare provider. She was worth every penny!

I'm going to  be joining in on Carla's September Savings challenge. A month on focusing on one a few things will sure help me to keep our finances on track. I need to beef up our Emergency Fund and Xmas accounts, so any available money will be going to one of those accounts. I'd like to double our EF to $500 and boost the Xmas account to $300.

We already made plans to take the kids to the Western Fair one day, so that spending will be excluded. I'm going to Shoppers Drug Mart today to do some shopping (planned with coupons for the 20X the points event) so I will pick up the discounted tickets there. Gotta reduce spending where you can, right?

This year, my DD2 has decided to join Cadets Canada. I dunno how well that will go, but I do know she needs to join something. She needs to have more physical activity in her life, and the skills that she will learn through Cadets will be invaluable. Also, my sister is one of the instructors, so I know that she will be looked after and I will worry less.

I've started knitting again, not that I ever really stopped. There are so many yarns that I want to use up and so many projects that I'd love to make! Those of you who knit or sew can understand that, can't you? I've started on a hat that I will add to the stash of items that will be donated to charity. Knitting classes will be resuming shortly, and I hope to see some new faces this year. I love setting aside time in my week just for the purpose of knitting. It brings me such joy.

I've hired a lady to come help me catch up with the housecleaning and things around the home that I never seem to have the time to do. I need some of these tasks caught up so I don't feel so behind the eight ball all the time. She is supposed to be coming for eight hours today, but I haven't heard from her yet, so I'm not sure if we'll get much accomplished today or not. Plus, I still have shopping to do.

There are so many things going on or soon to be starting, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed these days. But this is my life, so I try to:


  1. Great goals! Great idea on the fair tickets to collect those points!! :) Hope you get everything accomplished, slow & steady!!

  2. Good luck with your goals!! I feel your pain with so much fabric stored away it has gotten to be overwhelming. I too am trying to work up some UFO's to clear it all out